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Did your parents own Motorcycles???

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kraven, Dec 14, 2005.

  1. Yes & they supported my passion

  2. Yes but they were against it

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  3. No but they supported me

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  4. No & they were against the decision

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  1. After an interesting convo today about how much influence parents have over someones decision to get a motorcycle i have come to the masses to see what the common thought on this is....

    For me my dad has always ridden for as long as i can remember and even though i don't really see him much (He still doesn't know i have a bike) i think he had a huge influence on me getting my learners even though both my parents were totally against my decision.

  2. Both my parents have had bikes. Mum no longer rides but my father still has his bike. I'd had trail bikes as a kid and always ridden so a licence was an obvious step. Dad encouaged me all the way. Mum didn't really like the idea given that I'd moved to the city but she still supported my decision rather than try and stop me. :D
  3. Rc and I were taken for a ride by a mad family friend with a sidecar on his Triumph, around 1953, I guess, when we were about 4. He scared the squids of us, and mum and dad were furious when they found out (he hadn't asked if he could)

    Despite that, and an active dislike of motorcycles by dad, in 1974 when we were both married and living our own lives, he in Canberra and me in th Hunter Valley, in the same week without it ever being discussed for 21 years, we both bought our first motorcycles...
  4. my father rode a lot when he was about my age and both he and my mother put up no resistance whatsoever when i bought my first bike :D

    however it should be noted that as we don't own a car, if i borrow my dad's the deal is that he gets to ride my bike - he can't get enough of it :LOL:
  5. OOOh freaky twin moment :shock:
  6. Dad owned a Tiger Twin (that he bought new), wasn't much of a fan of the idea of me getting a bike, at least not to ride in the city.

    Can see his point but sort of figure I'm aware of the risks, I pays my money, I takes my chances.
  7. dad was all for it he had no choice hes been riding since 15 mum wasnt happy but agreed.
    i had this same convo with the guy at the dealer i bought the bike from interesting enough he wont let his sons ride :?
  8. dad rode when he was younger and i think still wishes he did (should of seen the look on the face when i brought the bike home the first time.) But found out only a couple of months ago that all 3 children were discouraged to ride, and my father was not to talk about bikes or riding and if he did, was not too encourage anyone into getting one, so as you can imagine the look on my mothers face when she got home from a 3 week holiday and i had my license and bike at home....... priceless

    now lets just say i never heard my father talk so much about riding as he does now....
  9. My dad had owned a few bikes and until I was about 8, only had a bike (with sidecar) and no car.

    When I got my TZR, he rediscovered his love of bikes, so borrowed mine for the first week.

    He has since gotten a mid 70's 2-stroke Suzuki to rebuild.

    My mum did have her motorbike learners, but never got her licence. She is not so happy about me riding, mainly because of the behaviours of other road users towards motorcyclists. I'm sure i'm not going to be too popular with either my mum or Amanda's mum when we have kids and buy them little dirtbikes.

  10. Lol, my conservative mother got a scooter when she was 40-something, this is 20 years ago. She had it for a couple of years, it was this bright orange thing, she would pop onto it with her pleated skirt and matching twin-set, and cruise down to her ladies-wear for elderly ladies shop she owned every weekday, 5kms down the road. (I wonder what the helmet did to her 'hair-do'?) I was about 12 yrs old and I remember riding it around the backyard. And then oops, I dropped it and scratched it. I never told anyone for fear of getting into BIG trouble....
  11. My dad and his brother built the first "chopper" in their little area of country vic, with 10" over stock forks, I saw the photos, muhahahahah rebels without a clue :D

    My dad had dirtbikes and a BSA that he did up too, he was against me getting a bike at first, but he came round when he saw the grin on my face (and the pure horn of the baby vtr250). Now I am faced with him wanting to get a bike again! now the shoe is on the other foot........
  12. wow 2/3 of people had parents who rode... just shows motorcycling is a hereditary disease
  13. My father rode when he was younger -like during his apprenticeship. Rode the farm bike round his farm while I was still living at home & on the road a bit. More to get up into the bush to go hunting than for pure riding fun I think. Allthough we did go trail riding together occasionally. My grandfather only gave up about 2 years ago, at around 70 odd. New wife wasn't too keen on bikes :LOL: :LOL:
  14. My folks were not to keen on the idea, especially my dad. When he was younger he rode and whilst carrying a pillion one time had an accident and the pillion was killed. Dont really know too much about the accident as he never has really spoken about, and i guess never will.
  15. Dad rode bikes, he's never owned a car.
    My wife is a rider
    As is my daughter and my son.

    Three generations so far.
  16. My dad used to ride an old Honda CB (something small) up in the country. My mum has ridden a few bikes in her time - one being my dad's CB.
    That said, my dad has always been dead set against me riding... yet my mum secretly is happy that i ride.

    That said, when i told them i bought a new bike... and told them it was another FZR... i failed to mention it was a 'thou. ;)
  17. Mum and Dad , gawd NO . But my grandfather did . Have a photo somewhere of him with his steed .
  18. my dad used to ride back in my country-- but not in australia. my mum DETESTS the idea of me being on a bike-- she thought i was originally getting a scooter--- than she cried when i rocked up with 250cc-- years later she cried even more and brought out the rosary beads when i made the mistake of telling her that my new bike was 4x faster than the first-- hahahaah gotta love mums
  19. my dad used to ride back in my country-- but not in australia. my mum DETESTS the idea of me being on a bike-- she thought i was originally getting a scooter--- than she cried when i rocked up with 250cc-- years later she cried even more and brought out the rosary beads when i made the mistake of telling her that my new bike was 4x faster than the first-- hahahaah gotta love mums
  20. My dad had a number of bikes. Can't remember what he had- I remember one though, A suzuki TZsomethingorother. He said it was the biggest POS, yet being a poor farmboy he rode it for a couple of years. His favourite and biggest bike was a suzuki mid-70's 500 of somesort?

    Did more people used to ride 'back in the day'?

    My experience (being only 17) is that almost all the guys I know over 40 had bikes at some point in their youth.

    This can't just be the guys I know, it must have been more common back then.

    It probally helps with the more 'liberal' licensing laws they had back then. Just anyone could jump on a mates 1000cc bike, no experience and take it for a fang around the block.

    Music teacher at school told us a story of his first bike. He said he was at Uni (in the UK) one day and there was an old beamer sitting by the road. He asked about it, apparently it had been abandoned there for a while, nobody knew who owned it and they were going to chuck it.

    He said "I'll take it". Hopped on and started riding down the street. Went okay till he got to the first corner and realised he didn't know where the brakes were... :)

    Compare this to my non-rider mates today, who don't even trust me to come for a ride around the block as a pillion :(