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did your bike get knocked over tonight? CBR in melb

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Breno, Apr 25, 2007.

  1. just wondering if the owner of the CBR that i found on its side tonight around 2am in collins street had any major damage?

    i walked round the corner to see all these people just walking by like it wasnt there so i
    (with the help of a mate) picked it up.

    i wrote a note on the pavement with a stone too, then went to the pokies round the corner to write a proper note, and whle i was there my mate said he told you and you had already left.

    so yeah if you read this. hows the bike?
  2. Well done breno. Some people are pr!cks. May have been caught on camera. Think MCC operates the cams.
  3. That sucks... hope the blokes insured.

    To be honest unless the bike fell somwhere that was drectly and obviously endangering others id prefer for it to just be left as is and informed(if possible)

    I just think id consider it safer once its already there. The last thing id want is someone trying to "help out" either dropping it again trying to stand it up, or putting it back into what could have been a vulnerable position for whatever reason... For me the damage was already done so id like to arrive as it was... I guess i just dont like people touching my stuff regardless.

    Anyways as i said i hope this guys insured and better still someone saw what happened to it and reported it (if it was knocked over by another)
  4. Hmmm...well it could mean a leaking fuel ..or oil... all over the pavement. Potential for a fire and even more damage. I'd prefer if my bike was "down", that someone would pick it up and put it back on it's stand.
  5. I don't know what i would prefer someone finding my bike on it's side to do..

    It weighs almost 250kg
    If they can pick it up without dropping it again, I guess that would be great, but if they have no idea and can't manage the weight, I would hate to have it dropped a 2nd time.........
  6. Amen.

    I'd be hesitant myself to even pick up another bike.
    For all my good intentions I'd hate to be interrupted mid-pickup by the owner and be blamed for the damage.
  7. problem solved..

    park sideways!
  8. How does parking sideways help? It was obviously something that as intentional, so doesnt matter how it was parked lol. It sucks, but some people are jealous and that sh!ts me.

    Unless the stand wasnt put down right and a qucik breeze done it.
  9. 2 leave Yr bike parked in the City until 2am(unattended) is pretty game! :shock: [-X

    All good bikes should be at home by then...or being ridden!!! :p
  10. we picked the bike up, and got a note for the rider so he was informed. we even waited across the street (as our lift wasnt coming for another 45mins) insteadof wandering around.

    apparently the bloke was pretty thankfull (as i wasnt there when he came back).

    and, i would prefer my bike upright with a note if it was dropped. id rather it upright and hope whatever reason it fell doesnt happen again, than laying on the ground where it can rock and pivot, especially in the city mid morning with a public holidaythe next day.


    on a lighter note, i parked my bike out the front of our local shopping centre and when i came back out it had a note on it saying "dude your bikes been knockoed over,i picked it up - 0403 --- ---" i was like WTF, called the number turned out to be my mate who was with me last night lol sene ti parked there thought he'd have a laugh.
  11. :LOL: Nice. I love fcukin with my mates like that!
  12. I'm currently waiting for a return phonecall from the insurance company of the *#&$*(#&#wit that knocked my bike over then hightailed it thinking he'd gotten away with it.

    Two good samaritans told me it'd been done, then told me where he'd come from and what he looked like.

    Went into the store, told the clerk what happened, he gives me the guys details, take them to the cops and the cops track him down over the next day or so, give him a chance to own up.

    I ring the douchebag and he says "Oh i didnt think there was enough damage worth worrying about" so then I told him the cost of repair (950) and he spat chips. Then he says that since he's informed his insurance company and they can handle it from here, we'd not have to speak again.

    I simply said "Thankfully, because I don't like talking to people like you" and hung up lol

    He was a poofy bugger... just wish i coulda caught him picking it up... kevlar ftw!
  13. I had a bike backed over once. It was parked under a building about 10 feet from the road. She shot through, dragging it 20 feet.

    Outside an office full of people. NONE Of who saw anything. Cept for the one motorcyclist who slipped me the details. Yup it was a staff member. And they had been instructed to say they hadnt seen a thing.

    Got her charged. Got the dough.
  14. So what? The person who hit and dragged your motorbike was like a head honcho or something?

    That'd be so sweet to take them to court or whatever... the 'bosses' of the world seem to think they live above the law.

    I hope you took her for everything you could.
  15. amen to that. corporate standover tactics to cover something like that up is so f&%^$d up. if they are honchos at least they should be better able to afford to pay for the damages!
  16. out of spite i would dob her in. what makes her think she is better than anyone else!!!
  17. Humans are weird (usually ;) ) The richer they get, the less they want to spend on things (outside of their own assets etc)
  18. yeah I agree - the richer you are the tighter you are in some cases.

    anyone lend me a buck?
  19. I'm too rich to give a buck. lol.

  20. Yeah I did :)
    Was sort of cool. This guy slipped me a note. It told me who had done it and what she was driving while he was telling me he had not seen a thing. As was everyone else. All of em lying. Some of em grinning.. some of em looking ashamed. (When I say all there were like 6 or 7 little cubicle people there)

    Wandered out. Read note. Wandered back in.. asked where so and so was. Suddenly had everyones attention. Told em I was off to get her charged. Took of on even more battered now VF which still ran (amazing) Went home. The phone rang as I got in the door. Local cop shop. She had given herself up. Guess someone had had a word.

    A half hour later the cop rang again. Asked lots more questions. Reg on bike licence details etc. I asked why? He said. "Well I am a bike cop. and I have been thinking. I really dont want this woman driving. I,m charging her with leaving the scene of an accident and dangerous driving.. Maybe we can get her of the road for a bit"

    I sent the department a big quote. They payed without a problem