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Did you make the most of the weather today?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by CustomKris, Apr 11, 2006.

  1. I certainly did......how good was that sun here in melbourne after a couple of weeks of freezing cold weather. Got home from work and jumped straight on the bike...headed to the basin and cruised up mountain highway through sassafrass and olinda....was absoulutly magic up there today! Cruised back down and went through mt evelyn and lilydale out to coldstream and back home through wonga park.....Saw soooo many bikes out this arvo! I guess you really do have to make the most of it while its nice weather....

    Kris :grin:
  2. I had to work till 5.10 then race through peak hour to a house inspection at 5.30. then the agent didnt turn up.

    Managed a quick spurt (5 min) to the shops for lunch though if that counts?

    Its great weather... also supposed to be fantastic on thursday!!
  3. It was a fantastic day yesterday.
    I managed to ride my bike to the workshop in Richmond.
    Looked down at the speedo and thought; hmmm "this bike likes to go fast".
    It's a bit of a hand full.
    Afterwards, as I was walking along Church St in my leathers, it was an almost Spring like weather and I noticed that I had once more attracted the attention of the "Dog's in Space type girls". :cool: Then I jumped on the tram and flew home.
  4. Yes - it was a glorious day ........

    Took the new beast for a run up to Yea & back. Nice, gentle sweepers - straight bits so I could finally make use of 5th gear.

    Leaves starting to turn amazing colours, grass is green. Do love autumn :grin:
  5. hmm yesterday stuck inside at work all day till 5..
    but at least my new lounge came today..wow so comfy :roll:
    hehhehheh :LOL:
  6. I'm making the most of it today, got school until 12:00 and then i'm free :grin:

    Might slip in a few weekday black spur runs, if anyone else is up there keep an eye out for a white/purple babyblade with yellow wheels and give me a wave ;)
  7. well news from head office "Ian has advised me that we are able to leave at 2pm on Thursday for the Easter break. Due to the early finish time please do not take a lunch break as well. "

    wahooo!!! think i might head to the spurs for a quick squirt. Whats the quickest way there from hawthorn??????