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Did you help a fellow rider after an off near Kinglake on Saturday?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mouth, Oct 11, 2015.

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  2. I met Cassie today
    wish she would buy me a beer
  3. You perv! How was she walking?
  4. on crutches
    high spirits
    and no need to ask the ban Question
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  5. Ban question??
  6. ask mouth
  7. No worries, hope you did skip work lol. And to be fair, all bikers - and even the cagers - all did slow and ask if all was ok etc. Really good demonstration of how the country should work.

    Hope the bike is not too bad and speedy recovery, and if I see you in Kinglake pub you are welcome to buy me a beer...
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  8. Mouth - what's up? Confused I am...
  9. Ouch, should have called her a paramedic! ;):D
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  10. chillibuttonchillibutton for president! Great call mate, anybody who stops to help or ask "are you OK?" gets my vote!
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  11. Mate everybody stopped, I just happened to be first with the cage in front that also stopped.. Good job all traffic out there I say.
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  12. Ok, I'm relating to the times I have stopped quite a few times to help, all welcomed by riders in various stages of distress or "lostness". I'll always stop if I think someone needs help. I simply applaud your action, and would be grateful if I needed assistance. You stopped. You did good!
    I may have met one of Greg's rides when I stopped to help before I was a NR devotee a long time ago.
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  13. Mate it was nasty. Made me think I need to add a mini first kit into my Kriega. Nothing major- just gauze/tape/antiseptic or similar...
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  14. May be preaching to the converted but you may need to reconsider that unless you get it to use on yourself. While I'm not saying the person you helped our the next or the next might. There area lot of ramifications to providing first aid to someone if you're not qualified etc. I know very negative but the reality of the times.
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  15. It seems that way GregglesGreggles ............... you try and do the right thing, then whammo