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Did Vaughn Coburn crash alot?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by vic, Dec 24, 2008.

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  1. Serious question.

    I think the bloke must have banged his head a few times too many.

    The abuse and the insults that this supposed adult is sending me is quite bizarre.

    Any wonder he was hated on here.

    What a shit prick :evil:
  2. :-#

    A picture says a thousand words.......................


    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  3. Don't worry Vic, he's just a.....(right click and see props)

    This is one of my favs too.

  4. Vic, I think you should post an example.

    I don't get why, if this place is so full of idiots, why he keeps on trying to post as different people?

    He did this on some other forums too.
  5. I can't for the life of me understand why he wants to sully the memories old guys like us have of his racing and his exploits by behaving like a school-yard bully 30 years later. I mean, this is a guy who was, at his prime, one of the top 5 350cc road-racers in the country; a man who beat the likes of Gardner, Quincey, McGregor, Boulden, Fisher, Roebuck, et al, and not just once. AND a guy who because of the unique paint job on his bike, brought more attention to road-racing than them all. He has nothing to prove, and I just can't get my head around how he thinks that behaving like a spoilt brat on a motrocycle forum will compensate him for the things that didn't come his way half a lifetime ago.......

    and don't get me started on his immature little brother
  6. Cejay, maybe he thinks that IP address stands for "It's Private" :LOL:
  7. Remember in one of his posts that he said he was 'playing mental games' with us? If sullying your memory and making an idiot of yourself is a 'mental game', that's really sad.
  8. Serious question .... are we sure this guy is who he says he is?

    Vic, some people behave quite differently when they are hiding behind the "anonymity" of a computer screen and say and do things they would never dream of doing if they were face to face with you. Why some people feel they need to do this is a mystery to me, but I've come to accept that as the reality of online forums ...... most people are much as they would be in real life but then you get the ones who undergo some sort of personality change when they get in front of a keyboard. Mind you, it does make things kind of interesting from time to time.
  9. Code:
    Name: Vaughan Coburn 
    Q: So if my brother and I suck up to you and your pooftah mate then we can post again? You cannot be serious..but I bet you are. Who is on top? I bet its you. I can get even money with Ladbrokes....generous odds yes?
    Then he followed up with this;

    So who is on top?
    My reply;

    Your mom?

    He comes back with;

    You poor simple ****.........she does not fcuk wogs. Now fcuk off and choke on your Christmas turkey...oops souvlaki. ARSEHOLE.
    My reply;

    How about you go and choke on your own shit you dumb ****.

    I owe you nothing now fcuk off.


    Then his final masterpiece;
    You are correct you owe me nothing you Greek piece of shit, its just that you owe the world for being such an ugly ****.
    You have a head that only a mother could love.
    Your knowledge of 2 wheels in any form is zilch.
    The fact that you ride a BMW says it all.
    Have a fcuked Christmas and new year.....but then again you wog bastards celebrate at a different time of year I think.....why is that?
    Oh and you can post crap......you really are a thing.
    As you can tell, I'm devastated :rofl:
  10. What a sad man. Why does he want to post here anyway?
  11. Shamelessly stolen from here. Relevant parallels in the below to pretty much every sporting endeavour, not just body-building. Pretty obvious based upon past postings where VC was at, is at now, and where he will be for the rest of his sad existence.

  12. :shock:
    Never saw that side of him.
    He was a ruthless c0ck, for sure, but that's what it takes to be a top racer IMHO.
    Don't know why he'd go on and on with this shit... easy to locate anyway, Vic.
  13. It would take too long to re-tell the charcter of the 250/350cc racing scene in the middle to late seventies, but many of the racers who should have and didn't, fit into that psychological profile. Fortunately most of them have been able to move on.....
  14. Just sounds like a bloke with too much time on his hands/nothing better to do with himself. What a shame. I always have something to do to occupy me, rather than insult Vic :LOL: :p
  15. Er . . . I think that was supposed to be an insult.

    It looks like he's tried for some sort of primary school insult, but failed.
    Let's see if I can do better:
    "You really are a poohead" - just as mature, but at least contains an insult.
  16. He could have used "Flippin' Dingbat," too, but I guess he ran out of vocab. What a silly duffer.
  17. Merry Christmas VC and LC! You silly cahns!
  18. Why they think playing the racist game in 2008 is gonna score points is beyond me.
    It's so 1960's.
    It it wasn't for us "wogs" 2 thousand years ago more or less helping create the foundations of modern society he'd be still swinging off the trees, but then again his behaviour is reminiscent of the great apes.

    Merry Christmas everyone :) even Vaughn.
  19. I can't understand how he thinks that insulting Vic is going to get him BACK INTO Netrider :? :? :?
  20. I can't believe that you think that he thinks anyway! lol
    I think that you secretly think that he doesn't think but are thinking that being politicly correct is a thoughtful way to make him think?
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