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Did u do it?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Jack_17, Sep 6, 2005.

  1. since i have got my L's and a motorbike i was told i cant ride without being accompanied by a supervisor untill 12 whole months, which makes me very upset.

    I was wondering if any of you guys stood by this or just had a lesson or two and went for it?
  2. thems the rules in Perth, although being caught riding without supervision is only a minor fine and most cops just hand out harsh words anyway
  3. strange rule and doesn't seem very practical in the real world. you are 17 though so you're lucky to be on the road by yourself (well sort of by yourself) at all.

    comes down to individual choice, i think i'd bend the rules but try not to flaunt them, catch public transport when i could etc
  4. do as you are supposed to as you dont want any black marks against you while you are on restrictions.
  5. did u have to wait 12months?
  6. no didnt have to wait .
    here in victoria we ride straight away.

    losing a licsence isnt worth the chance , and all depending on the state it can effect your car licsense as well .
    so the 12 months , find someone to ride with then when you get your full one evrything is sweet.
  7. jack_17 my man it would be worth the hassle too ride with someone else who has a license cause if you caught by the wrong cop and believe me it does happen not only you lose your bike license but your car license aswell, so maybe a little bit of stufin around would is worth it trust me i lived there for 28 odd fuggin years

    BUT congrats on your license :D
  8. Hey jack, they don't make someone walk in front of you with a red flag so you don't scare the horses as well, do they? Sheesh, what a stupid rule!!!
  9. oh yeh i hope you have fun ridein around dem hills around Perth i know i sure did :D :D :D
  10. jack maybe u should go for a ride to a diff state and change yuh licence while yuh there.

    isnt it amazing the different rules for same thing in the one country

    only in america
  11. yeah, Jack, move to Victoria or NSW and ride alone......
  12. Ha!
    Speaking of which, i had my 250cc restricted licence for 5 weeks in Perth, moved to Melbourne to live and got upgraded to a full unrestricted Vic licence!
    I did the right thing (sensible thing) and bought a VTR 250 as the first bike to learn on though. :D
  13. Except in Vic he'd have to be 18 to be able to go for his L's & must hold his L's for 3 months b4 he can go for his restricted licence then 12mths wait to come off restrictions!
  14. .... yeah, but at least he won't have that idiotic "riding accompanied" guff!!!
  15. I went through that riding with a buddy bullshit when I was in the archaicly run prison state known as Queensland, back in the early 80's, when it was run by that despot Bejkle Peterson. Must admit though I rode alone most of the time.
  16. did you still where your L plates?
  17. Maate...I think you may be a bit confused. Unless things have changed in the couple of years since I last taught someone to ride;

    1. You must be accompanied only while on your L's

    2. If you pass your 'E' licence test, (up to 250cc) you can ride unaccompanied . You can take this test one month after getting your learners permit (L's)

    3. You must hold a restricted 'E' licence for 1 year before you can take the test for the unrestricted.

    I think you are confusing points 1 and 3.

    EDIT - In WA you can be taught to ride by anyone who has held an unrestricted licence for at least 4 years.
  18. i was told i have to wait 12months on R-E. what is the E test?
  19. I'm pretty sure 'E' is the first test you take but don't get confused by the letters I could have them wrong. They used to be 'A' for restricted and 'K' for unrestricted. But either way, the first test is for the restricted and a pass means you can ride up to 250cc unaccompanied. The next test, for the unrestricted, can be taken one year after you pass the 'E' test.
  20. Im confused, so the R-E means ive got to have a supervisor, and in 1 month of having the R-E license i can go for the E license then after having that for a year i can go for my full license?