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Did they ask for this trouble ?

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Takamii, Jul 26, 2012.

  1. The actions of both groups are inexcusable
    however I believe it could have been easily avoided had the riders not taken it upon themselves to "bait" the car driver

  2. Yeah but how fucking cool did they all sound, dropping cogs together?
  3. Agree........Ya wanna sort the c*** out...........follow him quietly til he gets home or wotever,

    playing chicken with 2 tonne of metal is just asking for a world full of hurt..........couple of those guys are lucky they're still with us..........
  4. You do? Frankly the more miles in-between people like this and me, the better.
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  5. t 36 seconds it is clearly evident the camera bike is in the cars lane - what a fool is all I could think to myself
  6. The bikers asked for everything after the first incident. Go-Pro bravado.
  7. It's a testosterone thing - some have more than others...
    Rogues may actually be dripping in the stuff.
  8. I believe the first incident was simply the car moving over because one bike had gone past and they didnt see the camera bike moving up beside them at first

    - it did not have any malice because you can see they start to move across in their lane and then change their mind as they spotted the next camera bike - the car did not even cross the lane lines
  9. Sure the bikers are at fault too, but thats new excuse for what he does at 1:55
  10. there is no excuse but $20 says the car driver was scared shitless due to the multitude of bikes swarming the car and reacted in a fight or flight way
  11. Ya, screw that. I'm happy being a chickensh!t.
  12. To me it looked like ****tards messing with a ****tard. Being the US Im surprised it didnt turn into a gun fight.
  13. Gatherer.
    Meet Hunter...
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  14. LOL

    USA = I went on a group ride and a gunfight broke out
  15. The driver could have been scared for his or her life, being road-raged by a pack of maniacal bikers like that. If the driver feared for his life then he's entitled to do whatever it takes to defend himself. I'm not suggesting that justifies the driver's behaviour, just pointing out that we don't know what a cager is thinking, or what drugs they are on, or what mental illness they have. It's stupid to bait them.
  16. I'm gonna fowrk you up biatch!

    The video said that the car had previously tried to run them off the road.. so who knows if they were all pissed from a previous event.
  17. Then what happened?
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  18. Me thinks they've all watched Death Proof way too many times.
  19. 1 Squid, 2 Squid, 3 Squid 4.....
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  20. i want to see the rest of the footage..
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