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Did the earth move for you in Melbourne?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by smee, Jul 5, 2011.

  1. Very mild earth tremor a few minutes ago, I thought the washing machine was in full spin cycle and then some, anyone else feel it?

  2. No, but I work in the 28th floor and the floor shakes when a fat person or a flatfoot walks past.
  3. no, didn't notice it. I'm in Kensington (near the city).
  4. Yup. Mount Waverley.

    Earthquake was centered near Korumburra. Mag 4.4
  5. Earthquake in Melboring, hurricane winds in sydney, we are all doomed
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  6. Earthquake AND hurricane winds in Melbourne!
    Definitely felt it in Collingwood. Partner phoned to tell me 7yo daughter burst into tears in fright at home.
  7. Smee,
    I just felt something on whilst lying on my bed...I have felt this feeling before, though of a much wilder nature..again lying on a bed in Los Angeles some years ago (thought I'd surf the bed out of the Hotel window that time!).
    I did feel a few little shakes in Templestowe mate, and I must admit my mind did race off to the Los Angeles event.

    Stay away from any coastlines/beaches folks... Just a general precaution.
    Though of a minor nature in this case, there are always aftermaths...
    Take care one and all.
  8. Yep - Mt Waverley.
  9. To busy getting massive in the gym to feel it :p
  10. Korrumburra area again the epicentre, is there some weird fault that seems to always get stirred up there?
  11. Felt the whole building shake here in Ringwood. Even the PC rattled a little bit.
  12. The giant earth worm farted again.

  13. Yeah, notice it down here on the peninsula

    I thought i was imagining something when the monitor started quivering, but now I've read this, all is good :)
  14. Innuendo much? :p


    I didn't feel it Carlton.
  15. :D Does sound like that, doesn't it?
  16. yep felt it in richmond
  17. hope you're all ok down there....

    as i saw on twitter, this is the end of the world, what with the greens taking power in teh senate....fish to fall from the sky soon
  18. Felt some mild perturbations whilst at home (Bayside). Thought it was a dump truck or something going past - there's a bit of building happening around here.

    Didn't realise it was a tremor until I saw this thread.