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Did Santa bring you any bike related stuff this christmas?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kamikaze_Kawasaki, Dec 25, 2005.

  1. Sadly for me the answer is no. I must have been a bad boy.

  2. Just having the bike after a long break away from the joys of riding is a good enough present....
  3. Despite the fact that I've been a well documented Bad Boy, Santa brought me a Ducati Scrambler pen.

    Kinda wierd; ain't it?
  4. Santa brought me one step closer to buying my first bike :D
  5. Santa gave me a nice big bike cover...last week
  6. Santa got me a second Ventura bag :D
  7. You could have bought you a set of these stunning coasters too :)

  8. Hema motorcycle atlas, (I wore the old one out.)
    1kg gourmet coffee beans. (What? of course good coffee is motorcycle related!)
  9. I got a throttle rocker, an anti fog visor thing and a autographed Ben Attard poster :p

    And Mal got a stinkin Ducati, a bike cover for the old Z - who doesn't get ridden much anymore :(
  10. yep santa got me a personalised plate (archy)

    and to everyone have merry xmas :D :D
  11. Verrry noice, Vic. :D
  12. Santa must have heard me wrong or thought he was being a bit funny when I said I wanted a new Ducati Monster... He got me a 1:16 scale model of one instead....
  13. Santa is a bit twisted....
  14. I got given a 'collectors' item - a KeySafe motorcycle keyring pouch with NetRider printed on it :D :p :D
  15. I got Draggins :D :D
  16. i got gloves im very happy 8)
  17. I didnt get motorbike stuff... But im awsomely happy with what I did get :D

    Best christmas ever!

    (although, considering past ones, not saying much. but i really loved this xmas so far :D)
  18. I got a beer hat.... sorta bike related for all the drinking we do at HQ :p

  19. I'm preety happy, I got a helmet, jacket and gloves (very decent quality as well!!1)