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Did my first "Stoppie" and lived!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by raven, Apr 23, 2009.

  1. So there I am...tooling home in the peak hr traffic a few days ago, when I came to one of the interxections where I like to sneak in a mono now and then...
    Was pretty sleepy, pretty relaxed, pretty much off my guard, and just took off normally, but then thought..."stuff it - have'nt done one in a while" so I slipped it a bit and up she came.
    A really nice and easy, smooth and fairly high mono, as I accelerated away...WOW! I thought...timing is good today...wehoo!.

    The instant I acknowledged my self-proclaimed brilliance, a car decides to do a U-turn right in front of me!...at about 10+, I shut down the throttle, and hit the brakes hard, to suddenly descover myself heading straight at the side of this car with the back wheel 2feet off the bloody ground...AHHHHRG!...and getting higher!...let off the front brake a smidge, rear wheel comes down, and reapply to slow, very agressively, just in time to see the cars rear-end sneak past the front of the bike as I tried to aim myself wide to go around it...LUCKY!

    The cager did nothing wrong...I'll bet at the time he looked, we were 100yds away with the lights just changed, and anticipated he had heaps of time to get around and continue away, still ahead of the traffic...
    In the meantime I pulled my little stunt, and he got caught out - AS DID I.

    Anyway...I got away with it, which is NOT the way I ride if I can help it, and if I could have got my leg up high enough, would have given myself a major boot to the back of the head for not having my head properly in the game...

    On the other hand - I pulled a cooooool stoppie, (even if it WAS by necessity and poor body position on the bike)... :LOL: :LOL:

  2. But then did you take off with another wheelie? :cool:
  3. So the moral of the story is you pulled a mono on a litrebike IN PEAK HOUR and nearly killed yourself and someone else, but thought you'd come on here and prance around about how you pulled a stoppie?

    Cool story hansel.
  4. I’ll be first to slap you around the ears.
    John you know better than that
  5. That would be cool. Front up, back up, front up. They would have thought he was a stunt rider!
  6. Well played, sir.

    I've done the same thing on my pushbike in traffic, but its far less impressive.
  7. Actually I would've thought "Augh not another one of those d*ckhead bikers giving everyone else a bad name!"

    I would've freaked out seeing that happen! Actually I have had someone pull a wheelie next to me while I was driving my car and to be honest its extremely distracting for other drivers (I was!) and do you really want to make cagers even more dangerous to you?

    Sorry dude but.. This seems like really dangerous behaviour :(
  8. edit : never mind.
  9. Kowai How about you go and have a read of ravens posts before you make judgment.
    He F#$ked up, That goes without saying, but if you took some time to learn what he has to say you’d recognise this was a F#$kup
  10. I think the point is a stoppie in peak hour because you nearly caused a major accident isnt really cool.
  11. It kicks the crap out of hitting the car, the stoppie was not a major cock up. The major cock up was poping the front up at the wrong time. Lucky catch though.
  12. Doing it is a F#$k up.(Deserving a clip around the ear)
    Pulling it off without incident is cool.
    As I said read more of ravens stuff then re-read this thread and you will understand what he is saying here.
    And you will understand that he recognises the F#$kup.
    But you would already know that if you stopped typing and started reading
  13. The litrebike has nothing to do with it. I'm on a bluddy 250 and people turning from slip-lanes and pulling out from side-roads continuously underestimate the time they have available once the lights change, forcing me to take evasive action due to their incompetence or reckless indifference.

    The fact of the matter is, in peak hour, people just don't give a shit, and it's not a matter of who has right of way, but rather who has the biggest vehicle.

    I've had to grab a handful of brake before to avoid a direct hit with the car door of a driver who failed to give way (at night), and as far as I am concerned, if you can take something positive away from it, rather than being filled with violent intent for the guilty party, then you are on a winner.

    Take care, John. :wink:
  14. I *have* read what he wrote but that doesnt simply make it "all okay" for me.

    The litrebike has plenty to do with it. Most peopel dont expect a vehicle to accelerate that quickly, and the onus is on the rider to be aware of that and ride accordingly, doubly so in peak hour.

    This is exactly the kind of actions and associated reasoning that are being used to extend probationary periods, and the like.
  15. most of the tarts that call Raven a knob are just tarts that ride 250s and haven't been here long enough :p

    go through the forum and read Raven's threads. I'm sure he has higher sensibilities than you (Kowai and Liquidity)
  16. True.. raven himself acknowledges it was a dumbass move, but I dont think the tongue-in-cheek nature of the post would be identified as such by many people, including non riders browsing these forums.

    Thats my main concern really.
  17. Liquidity, you’re an idiot.
    I am not saying it’s O.K. And if you had read his stuff you would probably realise neither is he.
    But you are to pig headed to pay attention.
    Not worth my time
  18. Maybe, however your kind of saying I cant express my own distaste for the event simply because he acknowledges it was stupid?
    Theres no get out of jail free pass in the court of public opinion.

    you want to laugh about it and shrug it off...thats fine, but i'm still allowed to express the fact I found the conduct retarded. I'm just grateful the OP acknowledges that as well eh?
  19. ahahaha...there was a message in there Mr Judgement pants - and you missed it completely...and anyone who knows me, or of me, would know that I'm not bragging...so fcuk off!
  20. in peak hour i pulled a wheelie, nearly crashed, "got away with it" and "pulled a cool stoppie"....

    Come on, fair go, you have to admit even if it's not your intention your post doesnt look great to outside observers who DONT know you.