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Did my first drop...

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Mr Messy, Oct 14, 2010.

  1. Hey dudes.
    Playing around on my bike (02 zzr250) doing some mech work today and unfortunately dropped the sucker.
    I was on the grass (not the reason it fell) and theres no outward physical damage, and i got it straight back up, started it up in case it was flooded etc, all seemed fine. Did a quick lap around the block. Ok i think, just my pride and the grass hurt. Lucky!

    Now here i am 3 hours later planning to pop down the shop, but ive got no electrical power...
    When i hit the key i had lights on the dash, then hit the starter, a single click from the motor and zip, dim lights on the dash and then none.
    Out with the multimeter and check the battery, all is good. Check the fuses all ok. Hmm... still nothing.

    Any thoughts as to what it might be folks?
    Weird i thought that we started just fine immediately after the sideways fun... and then now :S.
  2. Obvious but.... Did you check the kill switch?

    Fun Ha!
  3. Yeah i cycled the switches.
    Ive never had them stop my dash lights coming on even when one was being a nuisance though.

    Fun wasnt the first word out of my mouth :p. Starts with the same letter though.
  4. It's presenting exactly like one of the battery leads is loose. Disconnect. Clean with a wire brush and reconnect.

    Check battery fluid level too. On wet type batteries it's not uncommon to loose fluid after a spill.
  5. Yeah i checked out the terminals all looks good, but ill disconnect and reconnect...
    Its a sealed unit i think ibast, at least.. it says do not open... so ill open it anyway :D.
  6. No. don't. only applies to old wet style batteries with an overflow.

    If the terminals on battery are good check a bit further downstream at the relay and then the starter itself.
  7. Yeah figured i wouldnt..
    Thing is its not that its not trying to start, the lights on the dash, indeed the parking lights etc are not lighting up at all. Near as i could see there was no damage to any wiring from the drop... and i wasnt working near any electrics when it did (and it has started and ran for a few minutes since...).
    Relay could be a problem as is its behind a fairing panel with a seized bolt... hrm... how to get it off (tried WD40 before and a sharp couple hits with a hammer to no joy...).
  8. Reading all i can seems you might be right on the relay ibast. If i can just get under the fairing at it ill be able to check that part out :p.
    Thinking i might have to drill, or cut a groove for my massive flat head screwdriver and get some leverage on the sucker.
  9. OK sorry forget what I've written above. I misread it.

    This just read like one of the electrical connectors has come adrift. The one coming up to the dashboard/headlight most likely. maybe the one to the left switch block

    Actuallly no. reading again i am confused.

    So you have lights etc untill you try to start, then have none after hitting the button they fade, but it still starts?
  10. That was almost right ibast :p.
    Its the battery, despite putting out the right voltage its just not holding any amps. I stole some jumper leads off the neighbour when i got home and hooked up my car to the bike and gave it a kick. All good then... until i disconnected the car battery :p. The rev counter went up to 9000, the engine ran like crap... and the neutral light flickered like mad.
    Id say the battery is as old as the bike and was about stuffed inside, so the drop probably shorted out some terminals inside...
  11. Definitely reads like a short somewhere but If the battery can start the bike it has enough grunt. Starting is by far the biggest load the battery will see.

    Something else is shorted. Given you last post I'd say it's getting serious. It's not a FI bike (?) so why did it rev?
  12. I think ive lost you mate :p.
    Let me run it through again...
    1. Drop the bugger and stand it up, inspect and find nothing outwardly damaged, nice soft landing. Finish what i was doing (cleaning air filter)...
    2. Start it up, runs fine, go around the block to be sure and park it up on its centre stand.
    3. Come back out a few hours later to go to the shop, turn on the ignition as i wheel it out the driveway, lights were all on (neutral and oil pressure).
    4. Hit the go button and i get a single click from the bike (guessing starter) and the lights go out, not even enough power to light up the neutral light.
    5. Wheel it back in and put it back on the stand.
    6. Swear at it.
    7. Testing, more swearing, etc. Finally got at the relay and fuses after getting the bolt undone. Give up as everything looks good, borrow leads from neighbour arriving home and bring the car around, hook up the leads and start the bike no problem - electrics all nice and bright.
    8. Revs and all showed properly, engine ran smooth etc... disconnected the car battery and the bike started to run like crap - neutral light flickering, not idling smoothly, and the rev counter decided to read 9000rpm while the engine was at idle.

    I agree with thinking a short... but i had a good hunt over everything (got that difficult bolt undone eventually) electrical and i couldnt see anything out of the ordinary... I know an engine can run rough with a dying battery though...
  13. Sometimes it helps to check the votage at the battery while cranking the bike over. The voltage will drop really low and sit there...ie cactus.


    Edit: I learnt this after frying the voltage reg on my Gasser!
  14. Cheers guys, will see how i go with the new battery.

    Totally off the track here... Le Squid... Im looking at a VFR800 (2007, 8800km $10990, comes with the panniers). Im due for my fulls in about 5 months but my missus reckons she will ride that and ill take her CB400 until then :p.
    Love or hate? Heard variable reviews of vtec...
  15. Messy,
    I chose the VFR because I love V twins and the Ducati's were out of my price range unfortunately (used to own a 750SS). IMHO the V twin motor can lug along with plenty of power up it's sleeve compared to a straight 4 engine. The bike is definetly a sports/tourer but for the style of riding I do, alot of 2 up with the better half it's great, especaially passenger seating/position. I'm 6'1 tall so a set of Heli Bars would help to lift the ride angle.It's by no means a pure breed sports bike but a great all rounder. A set of Staintune slip on's has given it a nice rumble aswell!

    It wouldn't suit someone that's after a pure breed sports bike in all honesty, but it has more than enough potential in the right hands to keep up with the pack. Hope this helps.



    Disclaimer: I'm a weekend warrior but am a really happy with my VFR =D>


  16. Sounds like what happened to me after I dropped mine.. It's just a single loud click right?

    If it's the same problem (99% sure) you've disconnected a battery terminal to the starter relay. Just because it looks attached doesn't mean it is properly. Re-attach them/tighten them up and see if that works. You may have to charge the battery again if you've tried too to start it too many times which may have run the charge down.
  17. Wait mate, you do realise that the VFR 800 is a V FOUR not a twin.....?
  18. Yeah was going to say its a 4cyl lol. Im 6', so about the same. Sports tourer is what i want. Comfy for a decent sit in the saddle and also able to have some fun.

    Thanks toady... thats pretty much what happened with mine, but it fired up fine with the addition of the car battery, which tells me the starter relay is fine.
    Ill have a closer look tomorrow at them just to be safe, still got the fairing off as i want to change where a few wires run while i do...
  19. Still sounds to me like a possible internal short in the battery caused by the drop like you said earlier?

    If the battery is sufficiently discharged after you jump started it you may not have enough power to run the bike properly, hence all the probs you had when you disconnected the jumper leads.

    I'd be checking the battery to see if it charges and then if it holds charge.
  20. Cheers Grey, already got a new battery on its way. Figured the same thing with the rough running. The stator cant provide even powerflow was my thought too.
    Hopefully tomorrow itll arrive ;). Meant to be the first nice weekend here in over a month, and wollombi - wisemans is calling... but just to piss me off i bet it doesnt get here until monday.