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Did my first Champions Broadford 26-10 track day today

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by nightgash, Oct 26, 2007.

  1. Did my first track day today and thoroughly enjoyed it. Left home on the bike (FZR250R) at around 8:00am to get to the track at 9:00am just in time for the rider briefing. I elected to go into the slow group as it was my first time and being on a 250cc bike. My bike only just passed as my rear Dunlop Arrowmax was nearly down to the tread indicator.

    First session comes around and I'm a bit nervous being the only 250cc 4-stroker out there. Get into the groove of things and find I'm not the slowest by far and start going around people on the outside of corners. Around 10 mins in we see a red flag and have to exit the track. It turns out a new Ducati 1098S has been binned :shock: .

    Next session was better with me getting more confident and leaning it over further. Finally managed to get the peg down while leaning right off so I found the max lean I could achieve. I was amazed how far the Dunlop Arrowmax tyres would go and thought previously they would not hold on at that lean. Again I find I'm gaining on people under brakes and around the corners but on some bikes they blow me away on the straights.

    Even when I have a run on people on the bigger bikes out of the corner they just flick the throttle and I get blown away. Managed in the next session to not get passed by anyone in the beginners except what looked like a ZX-10. I think most people were not really going for it on the straights.

    Before lunch an R1 came off on turn 2 and burst into flames :eek: . It was a write off and was covered in foam. Took ages to clean the track up with cement dust as there was oil everywhere.

    In the session after lunch I had a great battle with a 125cc TZ Yamaha 2-stroke GP bike. I was able to keep with him on the corners and on the straights and we changed positions a few times while fighting. Got passed by a fair few bikes this session, an R6 and an RGV250 springs to mind.

    I asked the guy on the TZ Yamaha and he said he was doing 1 minute 10s around about so was happy me and my little FZR250R was doing reasonable lap times. Coming into crash corner I topped out at 155 km/h which was all my bike could pull down the back straight.

    I would recommend a track day to anybody who wants to hone their skills on their bike. I enjoyed it because it let me explore my limits and my bikes in a controlled environment which can't be had on the road.
  2. Great stuff nightgash, so have you booked the next one yet? :LOL:

    Highly addictive!
  3. Glad you enjoyed the day nightgash, think it would have been good riding conditions up at Broadford today, was it? Would you do us all a favour and replace that rear tyre. It is the best insurance you can ever have. Do not worry about the bigger bikes passing you on the straights, just have lots and lots of fun and enjoy the freedom of the track. Good on you for giving it a go.
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  5. Yay nightgash. It's a heap of fun. You probably need to go racing for real. That's even more fun.
  6. yes it was a bad day for the 1098s. It was mate coming out onto the straight and before he new he had a stoke blanked out and went off. The ambos came and took him to Epping Hospital, then moved him to the Austin. He should be recovering so we see how he's going. There were 3 of us a 749 and blue r1. So we end up packing up and left to hospital. Just a little on the update on what happen at track!
  7. hey i was there too. Saw your fizzer in the parking lot after the briefing and took a bit of interest cos i was riding around on one of those also a little over a year ago. took it up to broadford a couple of times as well and had similar experiences - blown away on the straights but quick around the corners!
    in fact i'm still having that problem, being on a YZF600R (blue/white thundercat) in the intermediate group up against a lot of litre bikes. passed a lot of people under braking and in corners but got nailed a few times on the straights!
    Was a great day. Good to hear you enjoyed it - and kept it upright for the ride home!

    Hope those who came off are on the mend. there was a bit of mayhem there in the early sessions...
  8. Hey Robert thats not good to hear at all. So what actually happened, he came off on the last left hand corner onto the main straight?

    Did he highside the bike or just run off? It looked like he ran off due to the fact that the bike was so far off the side of the track. Someone said he got knocked out which is not good. Was it you who was wheeling the 1098 past the pit garages with another guy? Did you have a red Casey stoner 27 T-shirt on or was that your friend?

    Not sure what you mean when you say he had a stoke, did you mean he had a stroke? I hope he gets well soon everyone was cringing when they saw such a beautiful bike go off.

    FZRSpock I'm pretty sure I saw your bike in the pits. Your right my bike was parked in the parking lot for the riders briefing hehe. I need to replace the front fairing and screen as I had a bit of an accident some time ago, but it was mint when I bought it, so cut now because it looks a bit ratty. That intermediate group must have been sooo much faster than the slow group, there were guys with slicks and the guy next to me had an FZ6 and competed in the FZ6 cup!
  9. Nah Nightgash he had a stroke coming out of the last left corner and blanked out, then went on the grass. Hes pulling up find after yesterday that we visted him.
    Yeah my mate in the 749 had the casey stoner t-shirt.
  10. Nice report on your track day nightgash, sounds like a lot of fun :grin: . I wouldn't mind getting the spada up to Broadford before i sell it, just to really see what it can do.

    That's a shame about the guy on the 1098S. A stroke while riding? That really sucks. All the best for his recovery.