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Did I slip a gear?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Spud Gun, Apr 17, 2005.

  1. I was riding home last night and I was shifting up through the gears, and I had just changed into 5th and gave it a few revs when the engine roared as if I was revving with the clutch in. I stop revving and pull the clutch in, release and its in gear. Yesterday was the first time it happened but I can't remember if I gave the gear pedal a half nudge if you know what I mean. Is it normal for a bike to slip gears or is it the sign of a problem? I recently had the clutch cable replaced so I am hoping that its ok.

  2. G'day spud,
    Had the same thing happen on my GS a few times, usually caused by a half nudge going into top gear.
    Dosent seem to bother it to much, just do as you did and try to give it a more positive click into gear in future.
  3. yeah, happens sometimes when you are a bit lazy on the gear changes.

    unless it happens all the time then dont worry about it.
  4. What they all said except it happens to me fairly often, I just can't seem to sink the boot into my boy!
  5. It only happens to me when going from 1st to second when it goes into neutral. is it easy enough to change the level of teh gear lever cause i wouldnt mind it being a little lower cause it really bugs me cause i feel like im reaching a bit more than i would prefer... i could just stop being lazy tho... hahahaha
  6. Hecko

    it should be just a case of either rotating the gear spline connector or extending the footpeg to spline connector rod.

    if you need a hand pm me and i will help where i can

  7. Had the same problem... just lowered the gear lever a little bit and never had the same problem.