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Did I really look like THAT?????

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Feb 2, 2006.

  1. In the spirit of motorcyling fellowship, as ventilated in the "What is General Discussion?" thread, and at great risk of taunting and ridicule, I thought I'd post a couple of family pics.

    The first is of the 15th December, 1973, my wedding. I've lost most of that hair, and got considerably uglier (possible?? :LOL:) but my wonderful wife is still with me and I love her to bits.


    The second is taken at Holbrook, NSW, and must be sometime like 1985 -6. Right to left, my wife, myself, my twin brother (RC36Honda) and his wife. The children right to left, my son Richard, now nearly 22, my daughter Jennifer, now 26, and Phil's two, Graeme, now 26, and Natalie, now 30 with two little boys of her own.


    And, yes, we did drive identical cars, too, twice, in fact. (anyone want to guess what these are?)
  2. Triumphs, of course (good to see). Mum and dad used to have a mk II 2000 many moons ago.
  3. Paul....... I admire your bravery...... I have a photo of me with flares (complete with braces) a paisley shirt and hair down past my shoulders.. but I'll deny it if asked.
  4. Nice dress there Hornet, pity about the wifes glasses tho :LOL:
  5. I wont post any pics of me from the deep dark past, none of you have ever done anything to me to deserve that !
  6. In your first picture, you look disturbingly similar to your avatar :LOL:
  7. At the threat of copping some flack over my choice of....

    - motorbike (it was a b'day present from my folks and back then a 175 was big to me),
    - my choise of protective riding gear (it was 1979, the middle of a Sth Aussie summer...you know the ones, it doesnt rain for weeks and then we have 4 or 5 days of swealtering heat), and,
    - I did get to ride other bikes like my brothers Katana, a mates brand new GSX750 and plenty of off-roads bike (being in the county and all)...

    I present to you the A Grade Tennis captain on the way to a Satdee comp..
    its bad.....
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  8. wow - nice upper body strength!
  9. is that a helmet..... on top of another helmet!??? :shock:
    or have you padded it out somewhat? rather dashing i must say... :LOL: :LOL:

    Don't try and sound cool by name dropping... now we have pic, we have proof!
  10. Cool pic, brokey, I think Yamaha must have sold about 4 million of those things around that time!

    But, big question, did you WIN at the tennis?????

    7th, I must admit I did choose that particular Snoopy avatar for that reason :grin:
  11. is that a front mounted number plate??? did you still have one on the back??
  12. Very Shagadelic! Grrrr
    Hornet you nailed that purple and yellow look... Is that a tissue attached to the front of your 'suit'? :LOL:
  13. Is that a DT 175 youre riding there? Thats what I had for my first bike, all of 2 years ago.Just wondering, bloody awesome bike the DT 175...90ks an hour flat out!
  14. No, you idiot, it's a blemish on a 32 year old photo that's been in too many (bad) frames! :LOL: :LOL:

    I do, however, still wear a bow tie when I'm suited up for work, although I will admit, not an orange velvet one :grin:

    I must dig out some other pics, drew, but I'm pretty sure my RD-250 at least in 1974 also had a front and rear plate......
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  16. It was a good first bike and did me well riding around the country side...
    Cant remember if I won...too long ago...

    Yep...one back and front...its interesting that you asked about the FNP as this is the first time I have noticed it there since all kerfuffle over the proposed re-intro of them...

    Yep...great little bike...it got me around lots of places (all local...it was too annoying getting anywhere at top speed) and gave me my first taste of independence...
  17. Sorting through some photos, I found this, so I thought it should be added to Hornet's 'Things were different when I was a lad' photo collection.

    The bloke in the foreground is the previous owner of my body. I'm disappointed by the condition it was in when he passed it on to me.

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