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Did I Read

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Zim, May 12, 2016.

  1. Did I read a post about a member recently moved to Port Mac who has her bike for sale, whats the story here.Hope its not true.

  2. You read correctly, that member is OldmaidOldmaid and her bike is a 2016 Kawa Z1000, it's beautiful and If I had the money I'd buy it.
  3. I think it is sold, but I hope Miss Jane will get another more suitable bike and keep riding...
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  4. Ducati scambler has her name written all over it (yes, I am calling it a short persons bike!).
  5. Me too,after all the effit she went though it would be a shame if she didn't keep riding.Hope its only not jelling with the bike.
  6. being the helpful (read: opinionated :eek:) forum members that we (read: you :p) are - should we start a thread to find OldmaidOldmaid a new ride with appropriate seat height and ergos? or should we just bugger off and mind our own bloody business?
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  7. mmmmmmmmmmm I don't think she gets on here anymore...shame as I really enjoyed her stories !
  8. I think oldmaid fell happily in love
  9. Another _Ness??
  10. I think we just leave it for now chilliman64chilliman64 - think she needs some space to work through a few things
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  11. my thoughts too, just a shame that she was so into it and a frequent flyer here on NR
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  12. Here's hoping OldmaidOldmaid is well and that everything works out. I miss riding and chatting with Jane
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  13. Well, if ever Jane reads this, and for what it's worth, if she is down in Sydney anytime, and still has her gear, I'll take her out for a ride....

    She can ride my wee Cagiva.
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