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Did I push it too far?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by yindypink, Sep 14, 2008.

  1. I rode home from Phillip Island today with a friend. We are both learners with only about 1000km experience on VTR250s. We knew it was windy but had to get home so off we went before the hoons finished at the V8 supercars. As soon as we went round the big roundabout onto the highway the wind hit us and I struggled to keep my bike in my lane. I rode as far left as I could as when a huge gust came I was pushed over to the right side. I was terrified of being blown in front of an oncoming car. I had to lean my bike into the wind which I'd read on here thankfully, but I struggled to ride. We were only doing between 60-80 km and had a hell of a lot of traffic behind us until it turned dual lane. Once we turned off at Lang Lang the tail wind was not so hard to handle but it was a frightening ride until there. Even then I was still pretty shaken up. What else could I have done if anything? Was thanking myself for selling the CBR125 too!

  2. Hold out your windward side knee (pivot your hip keeping the ball of your foot on the peg) I don't know why it helps but it does, it might be weight shift or the "parachute" effect but is seems to help stop the wind from pushing you around as much. I am assuming you were already loose on the bars not holding your arms stiff. Hope this helps.
  3. That road is a shocker for wind even to big bikes.

    My best suggestion is to carry a State of Victoria map and go home the back roads.

    For many reasons I tend to go the back roads to and from Phillip Island and on small bikes it is one of the most wind affected roads around.

    Better to take a bit longer to get home than to take unnecessary risks.

    Play it safe and believe me there are many more relaxing and enjoyable routes to and from the Island.

    Consider joining us on the Barry Sheene Ride and you will see some of the best roads around Gippsland.


    Stay safe
  4. What are these backroads Cookie?
  5. some of those back ways take you along the ridges and the wind is worse up there.
    I rode this morning and it was hard work and stressful on the open road. sounds like you did as well as you could. good you could slow down. I've found drivers down there to be sympathetic when the wind gets up.
  6. If I can read a map most can as well and I have no intention to advertise routes on NETRIDER (that I would assume is part of the responsibility of this forum) however I will happily do so privately.

    I hope you read into that what you will.
  7. Will try some new roads in future just for fun. Not on a windy day though :wink: I said to my friend that we chalk up today as experience but lets not try to repeat it! I was glad to have a tinted visor so no-one saw the fear on my face :shock:
  8. Yup, grip the tank with your legs and keep VERY loose on the bars, and your upper body very relaxed - this will stop your body acting as a sail and keep the bike composed. The bike may move around below you, thats ok just let its do its thing when it needs to, and control it when you need to.
  9. I ride from Phillip Island to the city nearly every weekday and I agree it can at times be a fuggin windy trip. I believe that if you are finding the hwy's too windy, taking the backroads is the worst possible thing you could do - simply because pretty much every single backroad is exposed to the wind - most of these backrds are up through hills and also they are twisty and of a country rd standard = narrow & at times, rough surface. Add to that oncoming trucks/farmer Joe/dicks who can't keep it in their lane = potential disaster. Also, during windy weather you are more likely to find debris on these backroads, than what you'd find on the boring straight but fugging windy hwy.

    I've ridden what backroads we have and I've done so in pretty windy conditions and I would definitely not recommend a new rider take these to avoid the main hwy route.

    My 2 cents.

    To the OP - today was a shocker at times. Gusts were strong and I can see why you were shaken up by the experience. I suggest you continue to ride in windy weather and read as much as you can on how best to ride in windy weather and talk to as many people as you can about how best to ride in windy weather but most importantly go out there and ride in windy weather with all that knowledge and figure out what is best for you.

    If you practice enough you will find that one day you'll be able to ride in winds such as what we had on the Island today, and you'll be able to do it without being thrown about on the rd...it'll become second nature to you... and like me, you might even come to enjoy it ;)

    Oh, and yindy, I'm on the same bike as you. Riding in todays wind was definitely interesting but do it enough times and you'll eventually get a feel for it. I find that my arms become more 'jointed' if that makes sense - you know - like those 'collapsing dolls' with all the joints. The wind can blow my body around as much as it likes, but movement stops at my wrists/elbows. My hands were barely gripping the bars today - just holding them lightly. like others have said, use your knees/lower bod for support. All this will come with practice and experience. You've got good weather coming up to tune your riding skills - but if you get a windy day, try to use it to your advantage = practice!
  10. True about back roads having debris and the rest. Starting to get a feel for all those corners now but the straight of the highway was a new experience!. Riding down on Saturday was great and cant wait to do it again on another nice day. Definately shaken up by the experience and have never been so glad that it wasn't raining.
  11. Great start. If that still isn't enough (i.e. 70kmhr + winds) face your helmet slightly to the side that the wind is coming from. Perhaps also lie down on the tank. Being relaxed on the bars is a *must*, trust the bike - it's pretty good at sorting things out by itself as long as you don't overdo the inputs.
  12. Yep, that you can be a class A dunce at times.

    What's the drama with suggesting a road FFS?

    When I look at the map, the most direct route is the main road. Backroads take you into gippy territory on some fun roads. On a windy inclement day, the main route is probably the safest and won't be prone to as much debris.
  13. I can tell you that I know I gripped the tank with my legs as they are sore today! Don't know how I will go at kickboxing tonight as they are quite sore :?
  14. with my limited time on the roads to PI i can say it can be a bastard.. sticking your leg out seems to work though.. kind of like a splitter i think.. get out there and get some more wind time though.
  15. Are you fair dinkum?? Grow up champ. :roll:
  16. I will happily post out route maps to anyone who needs one at no cost to them if it helps, however to post that info here is to invite replies similar to yours which do nothing to help new riders and do nothing to annoy me.

    As regards growing up, I suspect I have the wood on you there.

    Stay safe.
  17. You aren't making any sense at all. What the hell is wrong with providing some alternative routes that other riders can benefit from??
  18. Dougz, the reason I don't post routes here is that I do not know the experience, age, bike of those that may use them and what may suit and be safe for some may not be for others.

    Privately I can get that info and make a more educated guess as to which route may be safer for the riders.;

    The idea of this section of the forum is to help new riders survive long enough to become proficient and safe riders and not to encourage them to take unnecessary risks.

    I take that responsibility VERY seriously and I prefer to err on the side of caution even if that upsets some here.

    I ride every day and know many different rides around Victoria some of which I would never encourage a new rider to take un-escorted and some that would be fine but I prefer to know a bit about the rider before helping to let them loose on some of our country roads.

    I hope this helps explain my reticence to post routes here.

    Stay safe.
  19. Cookie99 also said:
    What backroads are you talking about? I'm really curious as I believe there are no 'safer alternatives' yindypink could have taken, given the information she's provided us about herself as a rider. Feel free to pm these routes to me and don't worry, I've done pretty much every rd there is to do around here/Gippy - I also believe that our country rds are there for everyone - learner or not. I learnt on them...and I'm doing okay.

    edited to add: I guess what I'm saying is that I can't believe that someone with so much experience and knowledge as yourself would recommend a new rider who is struggling with the Sth Gippy wind to take the 'backroads' instead. Hence my curiosity at what backroads you are recommending she take. :? I think you've offered bad advice here.

    I also believe you've offered bad advice as you're encouraging a new rider to avoid certain situations rather than gain skills to deal with them.