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Did I over react?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Paulstar3, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. So I raged at a person on the phone today.

    Basically they agreed to bring my bike from Brisbane to Sydney, the bike was picked up last Saturday and they said it would be in Sydney by Monday but probably only dropped off on Tuesday depending on the drivers schedule.

    The driver rang me Saturday to say he has the bike. Monday he never answered his phone and neither did the transport company (I didn't leave messages) Tuesday he didn't answer his phone until 6pm at which point he told me

    The bike is still in Brisbane
    He had mechanical difficulties and so dropped the bike off (who knows where) for someone else (who knows who) to collect

    I asked and he told me he

    Does not know where the bike is
    Who has it
    If it is on the way to Sydney or not

    I emailed the company to call me ASAP which in any normal business would be 9am this morning. Got fed up and rang them at 10:30 and they had received my email, but not responded or called me.

    Said she couldn't contact the driver who has it now, its one of those things, it normally takes 7-10 days for the bike to come from there to here blah blah blah about terms and conditions which I cannot find on there site

    I'm raging, i lost one days pay which is what it costs to get the bike here, and the bike is still not here and no one has contacted me yet to say where it is, when its coming.......

    Am I a stress head or would anyone else be suitable pissed off with this, the company is not offering any compensation or anything to keep me happy. They are fine with me being angry and mucked about and out of pocket.

  2. Name and shame!
    What bad management!
  3. The tipping point was when the person on the phone said "Look I've argued with you for long enough I have work to do" I was like THIS IS YOUR WORK!!! rarrr...going to give a call back after lunch
  4. Where is the company based?
    If it is your city perhaps you should pay them a visit in person.
  5. Oh i would but they are not in the same state unfortunately..
  6. Definitely not good customer service. They could have done the same thing far more politely.
  7. Update

    Got my Mum to ring (more calm than me at this point and as it turns out very lucky I did 'cos i woulda totally LOST IT had i spoken to this person)

    :angel: In a very sweet voice the lady from the company explained to me mum that she has spoken to Joe the driver and he (Joe) said that he is looking to drop the bike off today. Here is his phone number.

    So got Joe on the line, Joe had some serious doubts she actually said that because "I spoke to her not 4 hours ago and she knows I was still in Brisbane"


    In business problems come up and they have to be dealt with, but this is toooooooooooooooooo much. Do I expose myself or the owners of the forum to liabilities by naming and shaming them on public form?

    Edit; Joe said he will drop my bike of first thing in the morning.
  8. The forums have a disclaimer, you can name and shame so long as you have the evidence to back it up and by your account you do.
  9. Might just get her on the phone before i do that.........
  10. Left a message with them, they have a chance to make this right before i post it up in public
  11. Sounds like you were directly lied to, I can understand people make mistakes, that's fine, but lying about it is another thing.
  12. Here's something you can do to keep yourself occupied while you're waiting, pop their name into google and throw in a couple of search terms like 'forum' or 'service'. Get creative and see what you can dig up, there's a fair chance you're not the first.

    There was one motorcycle transport company that was a 'family run business', can't remember the name sorry, the driver was a f*cktard and physically assaulted the customers daughter. The business was named and closed it's doors for a little while, dunno if they're operating again.
  13. The story just gets more twisted. With a bit of back tracking and long winded explanation here there is a new character named Greg who was previously unheard of. I'm over it, I'm not a angry person by nature. I'll hopefully see my bike in the morning and never deal with this group again.

  14. Named and shamed - good decision!
  15. I must say, until the bike was picked up the customer service was fantastic. All the problems arose after that point. It is not their fault the first subby had mechanical difficulties but common courtesy to email me on the day (Monday afternoon) to tell me the bike is still in Brisbane would have gone along way. Even if the subcontractor answered his phone that would have helped.

    Only getting through to the subby on Tuesday night and having to contact these people today Wednesday was a pain. Not knowing where the bike was, who had it and which direction it was traveling was annoying. Im sure she blatantly lied to me earlier today telling me that the driver was looking to drop it off later in the day.

    Sigh, over it...hope to see my bike tomorrow.

  16. Saw that, wasn't sure its the same company though.
  17. Ive used Fergusons quite a few times and its always gone well.

    I hate this concept of talk to the driver its down to him. Whether he is a subbie, employee or the naked hairy guy across the road is not your concern. Youve paid money to a company to do a job. How they go about doing it shouldnt be your mess to clean up.Fkn cowboys.
  18. No I don't think it is. The company in the link above may be out of business entirely, the webpage is dead. I doubt they changed their name and continued. the threads still worth a read though.

    Totally agree. they're acting as an agent when the deliveries aren't local by the sounds of it. If they're happy to take your money then they should be happy to take the headache as well, that's what they're being paid for.

    Asking them where your bike is and being told we don't know is piss-poor. If it was their bike they'd want to know wouldn't they? Surely.
  19. if the company didn't know where my bike was, i would be right pissed. thats a bit f*cked if you ask me.

    a bike moving company can't move a bike without it going pear shaped.

    sounds like a great company to me.