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Did I over react 2?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by E2W, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. Is nothing sacred?

    Just seen an advert on TV for the NEW, yes the NEW A-TEAM movie. I think Hollywood has just gone way too far in trying to remake this classic TV series into a movie……and the worst part is that Mr. T isn’t played by Mr. T.

    I’ve just got off the phone from 20th Century Fox Australia after venting my disgust at what can only be described as “desecration” yes "desecration” of an 1980’s icon. The nice lady at 20th Century offered to send me 2 free tickets to see the movie but I declined and threatened to burn any such tickets if they arrive at my address as to make sure my eyes aren't soiled by any such movie.

    I piddy da fools!
  2. The irony of flaming a company who are making sequel, whilst creating a sequel to my thread =D>=D>=D>=D>


  3. Pete I agree with you and no one can or should be allowed to play Mr T but the man himself. I even enjoy watching his oven infomercials.

    I probably will only go to watch it for the hell of it for a company outing but that's it.
  4. But as you can see by the post I've just quoted, you're in the sequel to your thread, Mr. T is not in the A-Team sequel! :D
  5. Pete, You could have got the tickets and run another raffle!!!

    And the winner is.......
  6. Guys can you please take more care on where you post stuff !
    This thread has nothing to do with bikes therefore belongs in Off Topic,

    In future I for one WILL not move anymore threads started in the wrong forum,
    If I find them they will be removed from now on ](*,)
  7. Cut him some slack Bob. He's just seen what cannot be unseen...
  8. ummm Mr. T didn't play Mr. T in the A-team. He played B. A. Baracus.
  9. Can't argue with that =D>
  10. qfmft
  11. But.. but.. but..

    They parachute out of a plane in a tank and then use the gun to shoot fighter jets.

    I don't care who you are, that is awesome.