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Did I mess it up?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Parkaboy, Sep 27, 2008.

  1. I wanted to move the licence plate from where it was in the first picture.

    I took off the mount and there were two gigantic holes so this was my effort of covering them up. I took out the old reflector and put the licence plate there. Does it look tacky now? I will have to change the phillip heads to something less obvious, thats a definite i think...

    Opinions? I wont cry if it's crap!

    The Old


    What I did



  2. I think it looks better.. matter of opinion though!
  3. Thanks!! I just wasnt sure if I liked it or not....

    .... By the way, thats a belt buckle out of a surf shop... its not a girly brand is it? That could be awkward.
  4. HAHA :LOL: nah it looks like the FOX symbol to me, the ones that do all the dirt bike gear... I think you're safe.
  5. I think it looks quite good. Makes it look tidier.

    Could definitely do without the belt buckle though. :?
  6. My only concern is that now it has no light shining on it and is therefore not legal???
  7. You could always attach a new bike to the rego plate :LOL:

    just kidding!!

    Looks good. You have done well grasshopper. :grin:
  8. can make both Paul and OP happy in one go.

    saw these on my mate's cibby the other day. hex bolts for the number plate, which have a tiny LED inside the head of the bolt. this shines out a section of the side of the head, illuminating your plate.

    dont ask me how well lol, it was daytime :LOL:

    just screw em in n wire/solder em up n ur good to go :)
  9. Was thinking the same thing. You could be defected for it. Better see if you can get some illumination on it. Not real fussed about the Fox badge on a cruiser.
  10. Yeah agree, whilst a cool Logo, why not get something unique to your bikes branding :wink:
  11. You need a rear reflector to be legal....but thta's beside the point, it does look better.
  12. Fox logo on a cruiser is a bit weird. You must be able to find a better belt buckle, or something entirely different.
  13. I'd get something made up - either something that matches the bike logo or something that has special meaning for you.

    Should be some metalwork apprentices or even jewellery students out there who would like the chance to do something a bit different.
  14. Whatever, you MUST have illumination, not reflected light, on the number plate.... In this configuration, that does not appear to be the case.
  15. What about reversing the lens, so the light shines down?
  16. X2

    Looks tops mate :)