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Did I just purchase a stolen bike? HELP [QLD]

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by mattcooper, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. Hey Everyone

    I'm really stressing at the moment and seeking advice from people that may have been in a similar situation.

    I just purchased a Yamaha YZ250F 2003 dirt bike. It was a private sale here in QLD.

    It was an extremely good price. Almost too good to be true that first sparked some concern. Long story short we found that the rear subframe was slightly twisted. Upon removal of the seat we found what we thought to be some form of rubbing on the bar from a grinder possibly. Which freaked us out because in the Yamaha manual it says there suppose to be some model number there.



    So at this point we were freaking out thinking we have a stolen bike. We went to the Transport department to look up the VIN number and was told to go to a website called vcheck.qld.gov.au which for some reason said that the VIN number didn't exist. I called the hotline and they were very confused saying this number must be wrong. I triple checked the number which was on the goose neck of the bike and still was told it doesn't exist.


    Which brings me to here. Is it normal for a bike not to exist? Im so confused and concerned. Any advice will be great.

  2. It's not normal for a vin not to exist.
    At someone point (i don't know where) but all vins are registered before the sale brand new, then there is a trail from owners as it's needed from rego.
  3. VIN numbers are manually entered. They have been known to be wrong on the odd occasion

    So who did you buy the bike off? Did you check his licence? Rego papers??
  4. Could it be a write off that has been rebirthed? Thinking about the warped frame that is.
  5. @toecutter

    Because the bike is a dirt bike there is no rego papers. The bike has always been used for freestyle and never been registered.

    He did not have a drivers license but did have an 18+ card and I do have that number.

    I was told by our local motorcycle shop that it could be that the bike was imported years ago and never got the VIN number inputted into a system.


    The twist is so small I don't think its a rebirth. Its kinda weird. The story is I got it without the exhaust fitted because it was flipped. I went to my local exhaust shop to get the exhaust welded back on the bike but was told they couldn't because of the twist. I just pulled all the plastics off and the twist is small and i don't understand why this would effect welding the exhaust system back together. I guess the correct term is "bent". The right side slightly down and in.

  6. im yet to find a vehicle i have bought that is actualy in the system, most have no recoorect or mismatched or some other crap,
    Its useless and ive checked about 10 Vehicles.

    so dont worry about it
  7. thank you

    I just got called from by Yamaha Head Office and was told that its normal for dirt bikes that are made for competition not to be registered in the transport system. He also said that the bike hasn't been reported to them as stolen..

    Fewwwww thats a relief off my shoulders.. BUT i was lied to by the seller. I was told it was 2003... But its actually 2001!!
  8. Haha same thing happened to me! I bought a '03 yzf250. Had a friend come check it out and pointed out it was a '01. Needless to say I wasn't happy. I don't think there are any (major) changes between the years though...
  9. Build Date does not always = Year Model.
  10. found a rude surprise today



    Hidden behind the radiator plastics
  11. ye those rulers pop out when u least expect it :grin:
  12. Dude why are you stressing so much...

    if it's never intended to be registered, then it makes no difference.

    You say you got it for a really good price, but you're nitpicking all these little things. It's a dirt bike, it's going to see hard times.

    If you were going to be so nitpicky, why did you buy 2nd hand? Even when buying 2nd hand you coulda been a bit more thorough.

    But like I said, stop worrying, just ride it!
  13. pay that :p
  14. YEAH
    true Ill shut up now.

  15. If you're going to weld those cracks up, make sure you drill a tiny hole at the end of each crack. This prevents the crack from "running" and becoming longer. You are effectively putting an end to the crack. Heat will make it run.
  16. solid :grin: . ive seen them pop up here and there too. caught one once and it is now my slave
  17. Man I feel your stress or concern I bought a car same problem but minus grinder marks on vin numbers but I know its a write off.