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Did I get it right?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by twistngo, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. This morning while negotiating this corner I had a slide on what I think was some gravel near the apex. Held constant throttle and rode it out but then ran a bit wide on the exit. Is there anything better I could have done? I take that corner around 70k as there's often mud and crap from the farm once you get through it.


    sorry I'm not good at embedding google map images.
  2. I'd say you did fine. Remember to stay lose and not interfere with the bike by slamming throttle shut, or braking etc. If you suffer a slip like that, forget about the exit quality. It's important just to exit under control. Then you can adjust.
    I'd be a little more wary of that corner now though.

    You saved it! Well done! :)
  3. Yeah, i'd say well done. Tendancy is to get off the throttle. You won the battle there... Winning the war would be staying on the road. Screw your exit line, just don't crash :D
  4. Did you grin like a mad dog with a bone after ???
    That's when you know you got it right.
    Usually the opposite when you get it wrong lol
  5. Is that the "I just spun the back wheel up and kept both feet on the pegs" smile?
    I get that one...
  6. Pretty sure I saw patches of gravel in a few sections of that road on Tuesday when I came through there. I always tend to be very cautious due to the amount of gravel & red dirt/mud that constantly washes onto the road in the area.

    BTW. Sounds like you had a great save on the bike though.

  7. frown like a sad cat with a soft?
  8. Soft what ?
  9. if it made you giggle uncontrollably you got it right.
    now do it again.
  10. more of a pucker than a giggle!

    seems bikes are designed to sort themselves out if we riders don't interfere too much.
  11. Nice save. Your right just don't panic. If your in the middle of a roll on, stop rolling on but that's it.