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QLD Did i get done ????

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by kingy, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. hay guys..

    i was on the freeway yesterday heading towards toowoomba and i noticed a bright red hilux on the side of the road (it was on a blind sweeping freeway corner)

    anyway wasnt until i got like 15m away i noticed it was a unmarked unsigned police van with the big camera hanging out the back... now its only a 100 zone i would have been doing about 110-115 with no other cars around (closest car ahead was about 2 ks and behind was about 5 ks)

    i didnt see a flash nor from the front or the back ..

    did mr policeman let me off ????
    i read somewhere that those camera only takes pics from the back so seeing i was on a bike how can they see my plates ?????

    hay if i get done i get done my stupid fault but i think that freeway (2 lanes) no one else around and doing 10ks over wouldnt hurt anyone.. but the law is the law... ](*,)
  2. Covert cars don't use the flash, most modern camera cars are flash free
    you most likely got done.
  3. Re: [nsw] Did i get done ????

    but do they take photos from behind or from the front ??? police website says they take pics from the back so they can get drivers in the picture so they cant fight it or denay it was then driving
  4. Re: [nsw] Did i get done ????

    To the best of my knowledge the mobile vans deployed in Brisvegas take photos only toward the rear of the mobile-camera van.

    If you were approaching from behind, they would have taken a photograph of the front of your vehicle - yes, a motorcycle would be immune in this case and Today Tonight will run a beat-up story about how motorcycles can avoid 50% or more of speed cameras because they're all set up to take photos of the prime-mover of a semi trailer combination, not the rear of a $1000 moped for example.

    On the other hand if you approached one from the front, your rear plate could be photographed.

    I doubt there'd be a visible flash as they'd be using infrared flash units, to avoid blinding drivers when the cameras are used at night time.
  5. Re: [nsw] Did i get done ????

    correct it was on my side of the road and i was heading towards it.... i couldnt see anything off the front of the ute to see anything of a flash system.. just a huge ass lens hanging out the back...
  6. Re: [nsw] Did i get done ????

    Hopefully you get off scott free Kingy, I know exactly how you feel. You clearly were not hooning around going at warp speed and wasnt in a dangerous situation or any danger to anyone.
  7. Re: [nsw] Did i get done ????

    Yup, cameras are mounted in the rear of all QLD covert speed camera units. I just ignore them when they are on my side of the road!
  8. Re: [nsw] Did i get done ????

    so looks like i got off.. had my heart racing and i didnt really matter if i did get done i did the crime so i should pay the fine...
  9. I went through the same shoite about three months ago. Never got a fine.
    I'd just bought the bike off a cop too. I'd had it for a week and had not changed the ownership over yet.
    He was kewl and said nah "doubt" they got you. But never answered whether they shoot to the front as well. Mine was a covert Rodeo.
  10. Lift your foot up and over your plate next time you realise your passing a speed camera unit.. and you won't have to worry..
  11. If your speedo is stock and was reading 110 -115 then there's a chance you where very close to the speed limit in reality.
  12. just keep in mind there's a cutting between gatton/helidon (near GB marker 12, eastbound) where a marked car is parked hidden from view, which catches REAR plates
  13. is it there daily or just sometimes ??? i went towards toowoomba and then went back along 2hrs later didnt see anything either side that stood out...
  14. It's one of the worst feelings. Not being sure whether you are going to get a fine or not.

    Happened to me 1-2 years ago and i was doing 30+ over the limit. I was scared shitless cause i was only on my P's. 2 Months passed and i figured i was safe. That was the worst 2 months of my life, cause without my license i'd be sooo screwed
  15. hasn't been there since the flood, but was out today in a different location

    normally it's there only once or twice a week and stays for most of the day.