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Did I do the right thing?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by vonnegut, Apr 20, 2007.

  1. Here's the situation: This morning waiting on a red at an intersection, I'm at the front in the left lane of two lanes going straight, there's a car at the front in the right lane, and a scooter coming up in front of the car by using the right-turn lane.

    As we're waiting, the car starts edging forward and pulling slightly left to be level with the scooter, so the scooter edges forward itself, and so on, as they do the "I want to take off first at the lights" dance.

    Finally the light goes green and we all take off, with the scooter in front of the car and the car basically right up the scooter's arse. I'm about level with the tail end of the car, and see the scooter has an L plate on the back. So I go in, horn a-blaring, and when the driver looks over to see who's beeping and why, I dive into their lane and get between the car and the scooter, slowing down just enough to get some space between them both and allowing the scooter to get safely ahead.

    The driver then pulls into the left lane and starts gesturing angrily at me from his window, so I just point to the L-plate on the scooter, hoping he gets the point.

    The scooter filters to the front of traffic stopped at the next light, seemingly oblivious to the drama happening behind it.

    Now, I don't agree with the scooter's action in adding to the aggravation of the driver. I haven't been riding for so very long but I've learnt that if you're going to filter to the front, either get directly in front of the car you're going to try and take off in front of when the light goes green, or be prepared to give way to the egoist who is hell bent on not letting you be in front when the light changes, nevermind that you'll be faster.

    I honestly think the scooter should have just let it go, and let that driver take off first and then slipped behind him, but that doesn't mean that the scooter deserved being so severely tailgated.

    Now I'm wondering if I did the right thing in getting involved at all. Have I really protected an L-plater, like my ego thinks, or is all I've done convince another driver that riders suck, and given an L-plater a God complex in relation to dealing with any other vehicles?

  2. I think you did protect the L-plater but the car driver sounds like a knob who wouldn't have got your message even if you jackhammered it through their skull. You can't win with idiots.
  3. I think you did right. However ill-considered the scooter's actions, tail-gating and potentially harming the scooter rider, in revenge, by the car driver was a far worse crime.
    Driver will no doubt think he was wronged by both of you, but in the end, if you prevented a possible serious road-rage accident you definitely made the right decision. Well done.
  4. +1 had riders do this for me at various times with tailgating drivers on the freeway. Very appreciated at the time.
  5. Nope, reckon you should have beaten the motorist with a sock full of his own shite. Seriously, it's good to look out for learners. But if he was oblivious to it then he will do it again, hopefully with a driver who is less of a knob. Keep the sock on standby.
  6. I personally hate scooters... I think they're an obstruction to traffic, dangerously small and slow, and just plain annoying.

    But, they're a two wheeled machine making the rider exceptionally vulnerable and hurting someone should be the last on the mind of the driver.

    They both did wrong, you did the right thing IMO :D
  7. I think you did orright!

    I've done the exact same thing... except I wasn't riding, I was driving this; he didn't argue :grin:
  8. Err... yeah ive been stuck between 2 cars a few times at lights because a scooter or motorbike hasnt ducked infront of one of the cars after filtering, not giving me enough room to nudge in front myself.

    If I see em at another set of lights I try telling em.
    Its usually learners too... maybe it should be included in rider training?
    Everyone (rider) does it. They should be taught how to do it safely for when they feel comfortable to do it.
  9. I agree with your comment that vonnegut did the right thing, and that the driver and that scooter rider need to learn.

    And if you 'hate scooters' and find them 'annoying', that's entirely your choice.

    But don't judge all scoots by the 50cc units you see up there. I ride a 250cc scooter, my daughter rides a baby blade, and I know what I'm talking about here!

    Not all scoots are small and slow (nor are their riders :cool: )
  10. Tell me about it. There are scooters putting me to shame at getting through traffic in the city! :p
  11. i reckon you were spot on. some drivers are complete arrogant pr*cks.

    "oh wah, im stuck in traffic and someones gotten in front of me!!! wah wah wah, but im supposed the centre of the universe!!! wah wah!!! i got a V8 commodore. I scooter cant get in front of me! Thats not fair I want to WIN!!!! wah! Look at me school girls! I got such a hot car, it cost me 5 grand and I punched a hole in the muffler. Up yours all those guys who bullied me at school!!!!!!!"
  12. I think you did the right thing. But the scooter, well he shouldve known his limits with regards to both his riding and the ability of the scooter. Why try to beat the car off the line if you just can't do it, thats simply being a nuisance to other road users.
  13. vonnegut you have c0cked-up real bad on this one, this L-plater scooter rider has learnt nothing from this, it was him at the lights you should have gestured to and intimidated him to stay back and take off in order of muscle.
    He should know his place in the grid, an L plate doesn’t qualify you for pole position, and he certainly did not earn the right with 50cc of pastel coloured plastic scoot.
    You where way wrong with what you did, now we have some c0cky underpowered scoot flying around thinking he is gods gift to the red light grand-prix.
  14. Let me get this right

    The scooter pulls into the "RIGHT TURN" lane to become level with the car but instead of using the "RIGHT TURN" lane to turn right the scooter decides to proceed "FORWARD" thus dragging off with the car.

    Hmmm, I'm sorry but by the laws of traffic this scooter was in the wrong. But the car driver was also in the wrong because tailgating is illegal.
  15. Or was the scooter in front of the car at the lights after having used the right tun lane to get ahead then slotted back into the second lane? If thats the case then the car driver was being reckless and deserved a G-Up.
  16. +1. I think you did a nice thing, but the scooter rider needs to know the limits of their bike and shouldn't push to the front when the car can obviously take off quicker - they should maybe go closer to the front but until they upgrade to a bike that can take off faster than a car, well then they should be more patient.
  17. The scooter had slotted back into the second lane, sort of.


    (How l33t are my photoshop skillz :? :LOL: )

    Not enough to be definitive about it, is what I think. That sort of position only seems to incite drivers to ire. I was hoping to have a word with the scooter rider at the next lights, but it got too far ahead and went through a light that turned red for me.
  18. There's nothing that sh*ts me more than the scooter riders slotting infront of the car at the front. That has to be the most impatient, arrogant action a car/bike rider can take.

    I will filter to the front, and sit in between the cars about 4 feet infront, then when the lights go green I will take off with a vengeance until I hit the speed limit and then I stop.

    If the car next to me happens to be a 4WD turbocharged wogmobile, and he feels the need to prove that his chesthair isnt only there for show, then I let him go as he's clearly got something to prove and it's best not to be near him... but the choice is that of the cager (who has the weight behind him to clean you up) if he wants to smash through and go like the clappers.

    There's nothing that is going to frustrate the tool more than the weak ass, slow scooter pulling in front and MAKING him wait for it to conjure the downhill momentum to reach something even remotely resembling the speed limit, or the 30km/h faster that the revhead cager wants to go.

    Rile them up, you deserve what you get.
  19. Im all for bikes over scooters, but there are scoots out there that will EAT youre little bike.... 90% of the time they might be slower, but respect dude... theres nothing worse than snobbing off some suit wearing bloke on his scooter, before he drags youre ass to the next light.
  20. I haven't clarified yet, but I am referring to the slowbies... the peeps on the big ones who pull their weight are cool :p