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Did he make a conscious decision?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Slow Coach, Apr 1, 2014.

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  1. Chose the cliff - yeah right - dickhead overshot the corner and was heading for the cliff. I'd say the car was superfluous.
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  2. Isle of Man.
    Would not call it a cliff, rather just a slope.
    As with Mick, he over shot the corner, probably would have ended up close to the edge anyhow, car just confirmed it.
    See similar things up in the Snowies fairly regularly.
  3. Watch it again, he could easily have made the corner and have stayed in his lane, of this I have no questions
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    The guy was being a dickhead. Ambition greatly outweighed ability. He is lucky to be alive and I hope he learend his lesson and slows down. I never have and never will overtake across double lines. As for the line I ride, the other side of the road is never an option. He is the type of rider that give the rest of us enthusiasts a bad name.

    Agreed, he was a long way from leaned over far enough to scrape his pegs, but he may not have had the skill or the knowledge of how to change line, lean the bike over further and tighten the corner. Which is why he should have been going slower.
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  5. You would overtake over doubles here in SA, the scumbags have pretty much painted all the old overtaking areas in double lines now. From watching the video again I am now sure he would make the corner in his lane if he actually knew what he was doing. He wasn't going that fast
  6. Not the Isle of Man- It is a famous road called Cat n Fiddle in England.

    His exit would have been different if his entry had been correct.
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  7. Not denying that, but he did not chose to go down the cliff instead of hitting the car.
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  8. I agree he just saw the car, and if he did make a decision it was just to avoid the car.
  9. He chose to post it on Youtube though. Dickhead confirmation right there.
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  10. That guy chose nothing that was just pure luck! How on earth did he go wide there? Target fixation?
  11. Turned in too early , should have been out wide on entry for a tight exit . By apexing too early he's been surprised by the tightening radius , SR's have kicked in and he's target fixated on where he doesn't want to go rather than looking deeper into the corner and tightening his line .
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  12. All Hail Keith Code
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  13. should have spent his money on riding school instead of leathers.
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  14. Some riding schools won't let you participate unless you wear full leathers...
  15. True but you get my point, he did pretty much everything wrong except hit the car.
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  16. You're right , that was just pure luck - I witnessed someone get killed 10yrs ago under almost exactly the same circumstances . Sometimes "luck" runs out .
  17. This post is in the wrong forum. You are posting on Netrider, not Ulysses. Self-righteousness is not a feature to exhibit here. They will all suck your dick over there if you post this sort of bullshit. You might also find netrider a better forum to try.
  18. or a GoPro
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  19. He saw that pretty car and just went straight for it....

    Damn pretty cars....