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Did Coldplay steal Joe Satriani's song?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by waedwe, Dec 13, 2008.

  1. #1 waedwe, Dec 13, 2008
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    interesting youtube clip with the riffs intertwined and alone , begs the question, plagiarism or coincidence?

  2. At least one of them can play!
  3. Hmmm...

    There's a definate similarity in the melody line, tempo and chord progression. The thing that makes me lean towards Joe is the length of some of his notes also coincide with the length of notes sung by Chris Martin.
  4. Sounds like a rip-off to me.
  5. :LOL:

    Yeah definitely, get ready to hand over those royalties boys.
  6. Don't like either song.
  7. There also another band that is suing them besides Joe Satch
  8. Not convinced. Poor match at best.

    I'm sure you could calculate the probability that they both used a similar sequence of notes.

    imo one of the band members probably heard it and integrated said melody into their song.
  9. Are you all tone deaf???

    (except for Ktulu) :wink:
  10. Dirty thieves, prolly thought they could get away with it cos no true Satch fan would ever admit to listening to coldplay. I say they be made to donate every royalty earned from that album to a trust fund set up for the sole purpose of improving the personal hygiene and dress sense of Amy Winehouse.
  11. Even if as they likely claim, that the similarities are a coincidence, how on earth would they ever convince a judge that they had never ever heard the satriani song or even subconsciously incorporated it into there song, i say they are gonna be paying up some dough
  12. So how does Weird Al Yankovich get away with his stuff?
  13. He pays royalties to use the music?

    Just listened to the clip ..... hmmm, pretty hard to argue they are not the same I would have thought.
  14. Hence the law suit
  15. it happens all the time though, you might here all of ten seconds of the satch song 4 years ago through a PA speaker in the shopping centre, and your subconscious files it away, then one day after 5 or 6 bongs you grab the guitar and go 'yeeeaah man this progressions great!' not realising you just recycled what you heard...

    still, the similarities are too much, and it was 4 years ago, which means, what have coldplay actually done to improve it? not much :D
  16. pretty much confirms what I thought of Coldplay.
  17. He seeks legal permission before releasing anything commercially. He intended to release a parody of the song "You're Beautiful" by James Blunt, for example, (parody is called "You're Pitiful") James Blunt agreed to it, it was recorded and intended to be released on an album, but at the last minute Blunt's label, Atlantic records, refused him. So instead of releasing it commercially, he just made the song available to download free.
  18. joe satriani is god

    wow i have both songs on my comp and i didn't even notice, i wonder why i liked coldplay all the sudden after hearing that song :evil:
  19. A riff is intellectual property? well I'll be fcuked.
    Bloody muso's, getting their panties in a twist.
    Does that mean every Hippity-Hop-Gangsta-Rap band should sue each other for saying fcuk lots in their songs?
  20. This is actually a fairly complex area of law.
    It depends on who owns the music and lyrics. If Atlantic do, he must ask them.
    If they do not, he can do what he likes as he is creating an "original work" of his own.