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Did christmas angels make a differance.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Removed_User6, Apr 14, 2005.

  1. For those who helped out with the christmas Angels run last year with the Patriots and Alanah madeline foundation the following is out of wednesday Herald sun.

    Adam XXXX has seen things a young boy never should.
    As a four yr old , he watched as his mother was bashed to death by her abusive partner.
    But despite the horror some things can still light up his face - like the time six bikies turned up to shower him with christmas presents.

    the article goes on to say

    When the christmas bikies came that was a gift from the foundation that no other child would get .
    It made him feel so special.

    I am Guessing Adam was one of the earlier christmas Angels runs that was done prior to last year , but he still remembers it and his grandparents do on how it made a differance.

    Just wanted to pass it on to everyone who took place last year to let you know how it makes a differance.
  2. I think anyone who was on the Northern run of last years can tell you the answer - it was made perfectly clear to everyone present within a minute of pulling up at the first home.
  3. Have to agree with Voyager, the looks on the faces of all concerned made the trip even better.
  4. My valves are still aching!!

    Worth every minute.
  5. The smile , the tears (happy tears) made it all worth the while . And yes VtrElmarco , im also still nursing my valves :D
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  7. I went on the Christmas Angels run late last year, Dec 18 I think, and I agree that the looks on the kids faces says more than any word can. They were very happy.

    My valves survived the trip intact. :)
  8. yer it was rewarding , also rewarding watching VTR elmarco and midnight cringe as they realised that the rattleing noise in the exshaust canisters wer there valves :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    We were at a media release for the foundation on tuesday (sipping coffee with the Melb social scene and hobknobs and I saw it in wednesday Paper and just wanted to pass it on