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Did anyone watch today tonight tonight?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ljiljan, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. No, I dont make a point of watching it, but i was in the same room while it was on.

    Swine Flu is now a full blown epidemic, we should all get our gas masks and quarantine ourselves down in the cellar/bomb shelter for the next two months.

    While Krudd has said that we are not going into recession anymore, Its actually worse than ever. We are going to go into a depression of titanic proportions - the only one of its kind that will ever be seen by this generation. Recommendation is to sell all existing stock now (which will apparently build everyones confidence in the economy), and convert everything to cash so that when prices hit rock bottom we can jump right in and buy back up.

    Oh, and some kid has decided he is gay at the tender age of 8.
  2. Lilley, your post has convinced me, that I made the right choice, in not watching that garbage.
  3. When do we get the fridge magnet?
  4. It's in the mail.
  5. Did anyone watch Today Tonight, tonight?

    No, I was busy stock-taking my toenail parings collection :LOL:.
  6. Lilley thats freaking hilarious. Their antics are both disgusting and hilarious at the same time.
  7. man.....i dunno, tat kid has HIRED his own model!?.. like WTF!?
  8. LOL, that's what I said to the missus and she said it doesn't mean that. Yeah right.
  9. I didn't, I had to clean the toilet. Much more rewarding.
  10. For Wollongong that's a lively night out...

    shows the real depth of what's available tonight in the 'Gong!

    :p :LOL:
  11. You can take comfort in knowing that those that watch and believe Today Tonight generally have no money to buy stock, let alone sell it...

    ... Unless it's "stock" of Beam and Winnie Blues.


    (Apologies to all those JB & Winnie Blues fans, but I am actually insulting Today Tonight viewers rather than your good selves)
  12. I am soooooo sick of hearing about swine flu and the pandemic. :evil: Outside of the americas it hasn't actually killed ANYONE yet and so as a strain of influenza goes thats pretty mild since there's normally a certain percentage each year killed by the flu (immune suppressed, oldies, babies).

    Am using it a little to my advantage when necessary like at the movies the other day and didn't want anyone to sit in front of me (heaps of seats anyway it was the middle of the day) so just coughed when anyone came anywhere near my row and they all turned around and sat close to the front - LOL. If people are going to panic over something silly I will capitalise on it.... :cool: :cool:

    But on the other side I'm about to go overseas and really need to be let off the plane on the other end and not quaranteened from really generic symptoms that have not yet proved deadly except mostly in mexico and no demographics have been released that I have found and the death toll there hasn't increased in weeks anyway.
  13. I love watching today tonight because to me its pure comedy.

    Same thing with reading newspapers. You really have to sift through alot of rubbish to get to the facts, and even then, how much really is?
  14. Never let the truth get in the way of a good story!
  15. Not quite true, you can chalk up one death in Scotland. It was on the news this arvo.
  16. There was another in Perth I think but it was reported that the person had other serious health issues.
  17. 180 Deaths world wide. 44287 cases. Yep all cases in the Americas, except for one in the UK. The Australian one hasn't been added to this list: http://www.who.int/csr/don/2009_06_19/en/index.html

    I was surprised by the number of deaths in Canada. I wonder how many have occurred in places that historically hide their outbreaks of disease?
  18. For all the rhetoric about heat-sensitive cameras and running quarantine gauntlets at airports I flew from Melbourne to Sydney and back a couple of weeks ago with a nasty cold/fever/temperature and encountered absolutely no scrutiny whatsoever.

    As said, for an aggressive strain of influenza these numbers are still pretty low, aren't they?
  19. Apart from the initial media reporting when it first broke out, there has been next to NO coverage of Pig Flu over here! Nothing in the papers or on the news. Interesting...

    Yet it seems that you guys are being innundated with it in the media.
  20. So, cover-up or just not into the whole 'lets provide missinformation & panic the populous unnecessarily' hype?
    I read the Canadian news outlets from time to time to keep up with stuff & have come across articles re flu. More level headed feel to the subject, maybe.
    Interesting how different countries deal with the 'facts'. :-k