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Did anyone see the 250cc GP crash last night?

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by bambam_101, Aug 20, 2007.

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  2. Maybe you can video tape yourself in that predicament countersteering and swerving from those speeds and show us all how it's done :jerk:
  3. I was actually quite impressed with his falling style... I dunno if it was intentional (so I am not a big race fan :oops: ) but that rag doll impression looks like it could save a fair bit of hurt... :?
  4. Something wrong with your PC Vic? Maybe jump in to the Bios setting and switch "sarcasm sensing" on. Then reboot. Should make sense after that. :p :LOL:
  5. That was a HUGE get off.
  6. JeeeEEEEEeeesus.
  7. The news this morning said that he had a broken pelvis and two broken ribs; I reckon he's lucky it's not a lot worse :shock:.
  8. There's no way he could have avoided that, I mean while we're talking about impossible feats maybe a better option would have been to quickly drop it a few gears, pop a wheelie and hopefully launch over it... not.

    See him lock it all up, that was his only hope. :shock:
  9. The 1st bike slides back in from the edge of the track and the dust that's kicked up obscures visibility.
    You don't even properly see the poor dude on the 2nd bike until he rides through it.

    You can see exactly when he can see the bike on the ground: he tenses up, sits higher and grabs front-brake - and it's all way too late to do anything about it.

    Something along the lines of "Awwwfvck..." is probably happening inside his helmet at that moment too.
  10. Ahhh, come on - easily avoided :LOL: :?

    OK, 250km/h - full tuck - see bike 10m before impact.... Counter steer and spear off onto the grass and into the wall.... No, wait, bad idea - wall is hard. :?

    DAMN, I thought the rider did a great job.
  11. Woulda been cool to see him bunnyhop over the other bike then continue on like nothing happened.

    I seriously hope people pick up the sarcasm in my first post. :LOL:
  12. Saw it last night on motogp.com. Could not believe it. That part of the track is not flat either and with the dust obscuring his view I really don't see how he could have avoided it.
  13. Was the other rider injured?
    Didnt see what happened to him.
  14. Sickening to watch, especially the unconscious looking slide on his face at the end. (Channel 10 showed more of the slide on its report tonight).

    Bloody lucky.

    Least he's got the video to show the grand kiddies.

    (edit: didn't see the 'other' part in the other rider hurt question)
  15. :shock: x100

    I didn't see it on the telly... but my first view of the youtube left me feeling really off.

    There was no way the rider was going to miss the bike... he's lucky to be here.
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    Ouch! Thats a bad one. Landed fair n square on his head.

    Couldnt avoid it but he was braking for a split second before impact?
    cause it looked like the rear was moving around just before hitting.

    This clip shows more

  17. I reckon that wins in Ktulu's 'oh shit' photo moments thread....
  18. You can see the first guy looking at his bike and the other guy coming, knowing what's about to happen, what an awful feeling that must have been.
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    That has to be one of the mst retarded things i have read on this forum.. I would really like to see you in that same situation.....

    EDIT : oops my bad .. only read the first post and got all defensive for the poor moto gp rider.. just ticks me off when people say dumb stuff.. didnt realise in this case the author was being sarcastic