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Did anyone learn on a 250 Cruiser?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ricomac, Jan 17, 2006.

  1. What did you think? A good option?

  2. Lots of people around here I believe....

    Have you got anything specific in mind?
  3. Great fun to ride on and learn on. I started with a hyosung GV250 cruiser which i rode for 2 months and now have a kawasaki vulcan 800.
  4. yep...I have been posting about all types of bikes as I have been looking around for a while. Had settled on a VTR250 having though about something bigger. But my flatmate is now selling his 250 cruiser so I could just jump on that. Its a suzuki 250 intruder. you know it?
  5. yes, one of my friends has one. he thinks it is great, not too underpowered like other options
  6. Yep, first bike was and still is a Honda Rebel 250. Good and comfortable little bike that can get around pretty well. Great for the P's test too.
  7. They're ok if you like cruisers.

    If you want a bike that will go, stop and turn corners, you may wish to look elsewhere. I'd recommend you do a few test rides of naked 2fiddys as well as cruisers before you jump in.

    /my first bike was a cruiser. It looked great but rode like a tug boat. Lack of handling got me into trouble because as it turns out I like to go fast around corners and ride a bike hard.

    //And they won't do wheelies. Not even crap wheelies.
  8. You're in luck cos one of the grooviest looking ones around is for ssale on this furm, checkout the BikeSales section.
  9. I started on a Virago and it was ACE!

    However, think a bit further ahead, and get an idea of what you'd like to upgrade to.

    If you want to finish on a sports bike, I'd HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you start on one.

    Same goes for cruisers.

    Specially if you're a short ass.
  10. I returned to riding after a 20 year break onto a Suzuki Intruder.

    I found it great for around town, but at over 6' and 100Kg, the poor thing needed a looonnnnggg downhill run to nudge over the 100kph.

    Lotsa fun, though.
  11. Yep, I do, though there as not as quick as the sport bike 250's, I cant keep up to my friends cbr-rr when he gives it, but other than that, there pretty cool bikes to learn on.
  12. I'm practicing on one, but I'll prob do the test on the instructor's CB250 as it has a better turning circle and I'm currently more familiar with it.

    Depends when I can get a slot though - may end up I'm much more familiar with my cruiser by then.
  13. This is OH SO TRUE!!

    I have a cruiser, but i wish i had a sportsbike... it's a biatch scraping the footpegs all the way around corners... i can't wait to upgrade to a sporty...
    but i do love my cruiser, it's been good to me, was good to learn on... and if i had my way i'd keep it and buy a sportsbike as well ;-)
  14. i like sporty spice too
  15. LOL @ the sight of sparks each time u take a corner :LOL:
  16. Im gunna get flamed for this...ive never scraped the pegs on the xv :shock: I dont take corners that hard where I end up scraping the pegs...dunno why, great, now im gunna be called peg virgin for sure.
  17. I am at the moment learning on a 250 cruiser, I wouldnt have it any other way. Hyosung Aquila - sweet as for me and as for peg scraping thecptn i'm so hoping i never do! I was riding pillion when it happened the first time and I swear I nearly jump right off, scared the shite out of me :eek:
  18. LOL,
    sorry sher :roll:
  19. Never scraped a peg on my old Virago either. Have touched the side of my boot down twice on the 'Star though. (my feet are wider than the running boards...)
  20. yes well it only gave me encouragement to get off the back and take control myself ... so thanks i think