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Did anyone else see the Joan Baez doco last night??

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. Fascinating stuff, and very recent, 2009, with some film of her that I'd never seen before, and interview with David Harris (her short-lived husband).

    Interesting too, because her official web-site has been off-line for months and no-one seems to be saying why :?

    Anyway, the music was wonderful.....

  2. I watched it and found it interesting. Dylan's comments were particularly interesting. While I loved her music, I've always found her a little self-obsessed and a bit 'wet" and that certainly came through last night.

    I must confess that her early political work for the civil rights movement was impressive and far more selfless than I thought.
  3. Good doco. I remember owning a few JB albums.
    Still reckon "Diamonds and Rust" is one of the best tracks laid down... (on vinyl that is)....
  4. Actually the Diamonds and Rust album has a song on it that was written by her, about Dylan, when she was on her first tour here in 1974. It's called "Winds of the old days" and it contains several of the best lines that, in my opinion, have ever been written in a song.....

    Why do I sit the autumnal judge
    Years of self-righteousness will not budge
    Singer or savior, it was his to choose
    Which of us knows what was his to lose

    'Cos idols are best when they're made of stone
    A savior's a nuisance to live with at home
    Stars often fall, heroes go unsung
    Martyrs most certainly die too young

    So thank you for writing the best songs
    Thank you for righting a few wrongs
    You're a savage gift on a wayward bus
    You stepped down and you sang to us