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"Did anyone else just feel that..."

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by rs101, Mar 6, 2009.

  1. It's official, god hates Ferntree Gully. :grin:

  2. bit early on a Friday night for a drunk post, isn't it? :LOL:
  3. Not really, pseudo cryptic. Just had a nice earthquake roll through, the other half could feel it a couple of suburbs away. And I schwear, offisher, it wasn't the spins.
  4. Felt it here in Glen Iris
    Like when the washing machine is in spin cyce.
  5. got a good shake in the city. Biggest one I have felt in Aus.
  6. How big in the city? Nice tremble here, but opened the window... Fully sick bass, bro!
  7. I felt it out here in Craigieburn too, felt like a huge truck rumbling past, but without the noise.
    Just checked all the walls in the house too, got a nice big crack above my kitchen doorway :cry:
  8. Yep....got it on the Mornington Peninsula..
  9. Must have been worse up north
  10. The current working theory is that the Gold Wing owners club were out for a ride and the road gave way. :LOL:
  11. Felt it here in Armadale.
    I thought it was just a particularly heavy freight train going past.
    Nah, silly me....
    Rail service doesn't work late frid'y nights, thats drinking time!!!
  12. Would explain the lava going past the window now..... :?
  13. 4.6 on the Richter scale
  14. When Comrade Gough was travelling overseas during 'those' three and a bit years, he was in Greece, and there was a minor earth tremor.

    One of Sydney's cartoonists pictured he and Margeret sitting up in bed in their hotel, with Margaret saying, "Did the earth move for you, too, Gough?"
  15. Got it in Kensington. I was sitting on the floor in the second storey and felt the whole house shake. Bizarre.
  16. It's that Selwyn Fault playing up again...