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Did anyone else get the "Shapelle Corby Petition"

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by doonx, Apr 7, 2005.

  1. Has anyone else had the misfortune of getting this chain mail in their inbox ?

    This was the response I sent back to the 60 or so addressees :

    I am now receiving a barrating from some of those people for replying in such a way, I don't understand this ? I believe they are suggesting to me that I should not voice my opinion on the email petition, whereas the author has every right to voice their opinion in the form of the email petition.

    Is this not a double standard ?

    I don't think the people that received my reply can actually read AND comprehend properly, they must surely have not read my last paragraph.


  2. Things like that ,
    straight to the delete box

    or sed it on iwth an attachment (a photo of a monopoly "get out of jail free card ") :LOL:
  3. Yep I did and deleted it.

    :D :D
  4. Replied with a statement about not having anything better to do, then deleted it.
  5. Received and deleted.

    If I knew for certain that such emails would benefit anyone, I would participate, but in the meantime, its just spam.
  6. I just recieved that exact email GRUMBLE I hate getting stuff like this... And it was forwarded on to me by a friend!!!!!!!!!!! Bigger Grumble

    Lisa :twisted:
  7. tell me tho, cos i'm dying to know, why in GODS NAME wouldyou bother smuggling cannibis??? it is a WEED, it grows everywhere and its costs 2/3 of fark all wherever you go :? the price for size is ridiculously low when compared to certain powders out there and its got an unmistakable stench that wouldn't get past someone that works at a goddamn sewerage farm!


    based on that, i reckon she is innocent. either that or she's so stupid she really does deserve the squad :LOL:

    but yeah, when you go to another country, you live by their laws and rules etc. it works both ways, we lock up ppls for doing things that are legal in their country, so they can shoot ppls that do the wrong thing in their own country.
  8. Yes delet it! this one is real, but maybe somemore similar one coming up with virus!

  9. Yes, and let's everyone else learn a lesson, always locked your baggage!!!!
  10. Yeah, friends in Qld sent it to me.
    Knowing they're good hearted people I gently declined and explained why.

    A lot of people just don't know how these things work and just want to do the right thing.

    I like to think people are basically good natured, until proved otherwise.

  11. String the Biatch up from the nearest tree. She can rot in hell.

    Cheers 8)
  12. I got it as well, deleted it as quick as I read it, petitions are bloody usless they just make people feel they are contributing, like all laws if you break em then pay the piper...

    I wonder if any acutually uses email for any real purpose? you know like work?????
  13. Why are you angry Dazza?
  14. One of hats I wear @ work is email admin, I can honestly say that at most, 25% of all incoming email into the business is work related. Of the remaining 75%, it's evenly split between spam/phishing etc. and personal messages/jokes, etc

    I'm glad to say no spam leaves the business 8)

  15. He's always angry :p

    Aren't you bro? :)
  16. Dazza actually tried to have a fling with her, he took her out and spent heaps on dinner, drinks, flowers etc.
    he got nowhere with her so he planted some stuff in her bag when he heard she was going over seas and i guess he is still a little upset. :shock:
  17. i usually run locks on all my luggage for this sort of thing. any parcel that doesn't come with me in the cabin is posted/frieghted home.
    Sure nothing is 100% but the crap that I see coming out on the luggage converyer has me thinking that luggage chuckers smuggling whatever through other people's luggage would be easy peesey.

    she's relitively attractive so the Aust govt might go balls-to-the-wall getting her off. Although I wont be staying up Sunday night to watch the telemovie when it's out.
  18. reply

    I don't know if this is any good, but a friend of mine said whenever he travelled and his bags were out of his sight, he cable tied the locks with his name hot burned into the plastic.
    That way if the bags were tampered with, he could easily see it and refuse to accept the bags.

    I don't travel so it does not worry me.

    Feel sorry for the girl and especially her family.
    Can you imagine what her parents would go through if she cops it?

    Still, I don't know the truth of the situation.


  19. I do the same. I cable tie the zippers together.

    There is a new service at the airport where your luggage is shrunk wrapped for extra protection, I'll be making use of that service after I cable tie the zips.

    On the last trip from Thailand a fellow traveller wanted his smokes out of my suitcase that was cable tied. We didnt have a knife or anything else that we could use to get the ties off. We gave up after 20 mins. He went and botted a smoke of some bloke.

    I like the idea of marking the cable ties but I must ask, how bloody big were the ties that he was able to fit his name on them?

    I might use nail polish to mark them once on.

    It's a shame the world is that screwed up that we need to go to all this trouble just so we can go away.
  20. He's been having these wonderful dreams of riding around the hills on a blackbird . He awakes and realises whats in his garage , hence why he's angry . :wink: :wink: