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Did anyone else from Adel go on the toy run?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Funky Munky, Dec 12, 2005.

  1. As the topic says. What did you reckon of the day? The ride was ok but the setup at Hahndorf was pretty piss-weak if you ask me. No shade, no bins and too hot. It was ok though.

    Anyone see a guy on a VTR250 with a santa suit on? Guess who? :LOL:

  2. No wonder you were hot! :LOL:

    38 degree weather doesn't help either. Was probably even hotter up there!

    I would've loved to have gone but only picked my bike up on Saturday morning. I think I'll stick closer to home until I'm a little more confident before riding with hundreds of other people to Hahndorf. :D
  3. You missed out. It was a great ride. Too bad if you lost your mates though, you weren't gonna find em again till you got to Hahndorf.
    As for the santa suit, I took it off at about 2pm because it was just to hot in it. I'd been wearing it the entire day.

  4. Yeah i reckon i spotted ya, I joined in at cross road mcdonalds... Had a santa hat stuck to the helmet with Mickey Mouse ears on it....

    Overheated goin there and lost all my coolant, had to fill it back up off $1.50 per 500ml water bottles doh!

    Was a preety good day in all tho yeah the heat and lack of shade was a bit of a killer!
  5. Yeah, I almost overheated on the way...

    I turned off the bike when we were stopped in traffic. It wasn't built to idle.

    Great run! But I didn't like the little scooters travelling up the freeway shoulder at 60 km/h.
  6. Yeah that was crasiness! Bloody deathwishes the lot of em! :p
  7. The best part was the run to Hahndorf from the Mt Barker turnoff. One way traffic on a twisty road.
  8. Got to Hahndorf early and sat outside the pub with the rest of the crew.
    Missed all the traffic hassles and then got run off the road twice by a Volvo driver wioth an attitude.
    Couldn't get him to pull over and discuss the issue though :twisted:
  9. Yep my boyfriend & I were both there, he was on his CB1300 and me on my CB250 with a giant stuffed Nemo on the back. The setup at Hahndorf did suck, they should have got some shade organised. We didn't stay long cause the heat was starting to get to me.

    Or they should have changed the start time to 10am so it wasn't so dredful...draggin jeans & a jacket (even a summer one) is hot when you're at traffic lights in 38 degrees!!

    It was our first toy run though and we had a ball. I was happy to see so many other female riders & quite a few other learners there. I have some shots on my webshots page:

    Hopefully next year the weather will be a bit cooler!
  10. Mr AF2 did you end up coming out?? I tried looking for you but couldn't find ya!
  11. Did anyone else see the car crash in the Hysen tunnel? I laughed. :D
  12. Yeah I saw it, I went up the ZXR250 with my missus on the back, I was pretty happy with the way the event unfolded, I got a parking spot on the grass where the event was being held, did my bit for the kiddies, got a little sunburnt and had a good day.
    It was good to see SO many riders out for such a good cause,
    It wasnt that hot in Hahndorf either, is was MUCH hotter coming back into Adelaide down the freeway

    It was the missus first time as a pillion as well, which made things a little uncomfortable for me as she kept shifting around while cornering and sending my bike all over the place. :roll: