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Did anybody hear...??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by firefling, Mar 3, 2005.

  1. On Saturday night at approx 1am, friend of mine was driving at 100kph along the West gate freeway when all the sudden he got passed by 25+ sportsbikes who were lanesplitting and swerving and dodging cars at 180+kph. Did anybody hear of that? Or know who they were?

  2. hmm... sounds like they slowed down for the traffic.
  3. Hmmm,they sound like the kind of people i wanna ride with... :p Come on people,'fess up,who was it!? :p
  4. They are shooting the new torque movie
  5. Hmm... were they riding squid?
    Sounds like the bunch i encountered the other night. There were about 12 riders heading through the city at about midnight on Saturday night; probably 8 of them riding mostly squid.
    First one went by me doing ~80km/h and accelerating pulling a mono, then the rest of them went past pretty much following the speed limit.

    I didnt think anything of it but followed them for a couple of blocks as it was on my way home.
  6. It could be them, not too sure, mind you my friend is a cager so 10 bikes looks like 20 and he wouldn't know what squid means. All he thought was one little twitch of any of the cars towards either side of their lanes could mean major disaster.
  7. Dogone ewhatsit not enuther cager, Godamn pass me that blunderbuss Ellie May their breedin!
  8. Just the typical thoughts of a cager really,what they think is a near death experience is an every day ho hum occurance for us. :roll: :p Most blokes who do monos are more in control of their bike on one wheel then the majority of cagers in their,well,cages. :D 8)
  9. man that movie sucked

    Ice cube baby
    99 baby
    on the grind baby
  10. i probaly know who most of them were.. as there was a few of them last friday stunting/practicing at a secret location..
  11. a secret location.. the bat cave?
  12. Secret location.....>>>>> The westgate Bridge!
  13. thats the place ;)

    think there were around 15-20 of them there that night..

    i wasnt there that night, i spoke to a few friends to catch up on the goss, hear who crashed etc. there use to be just a couple that would practice, now it is starting to get alot more people there now..

    I remember when they had stunt wars on at calder last year and Darius and few others were over from the states, i thikn they had some hire bikes (hornet 600) and wheelied across the westgate, which can be seen in his latest dvd..
  14. Was that the fellas from a certain Yamaha forum by any chance Paul :?:
  15. gixxerrule, some from that site and maybe some from a certain gixxer site ;)
  16. lol :LOL: ,i thought it might have been :D 8) Some of those boys are pretty bloody good at it. :twisted: :p