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Did a Q-Ride Course this week.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Ben ZfullerSchitt, Oct 6, 2012.

  1. Hey my name's Ben. Nothing original about this thread, but I thought I'd put my two cents in about how I found the Q-Ride experience. I'd never ridden bikes previously, but a recent family trip to Thailand and a few days on a 125 scooter gave me a very small taste of riding, and evidentally I was partial to the flavour.

    I did the course through Maclean Pines Driving school with Ron as my tutor, the sessions were 1 on 1, I rode a Suzuki Intruder 450. Because I was starting from scratch, the lessons started from scratch. I was pretty nervous before the course, I had been reading the forums here alot and watching some youtube vids to get myself a little bit prepared. But when it came down to it I was actually quite surprised about how quickly I was able to advance from not having straddled a bike, to riding one to the end of a culdesac and back without incident. Juggling between brake, clutch and throttle was something I thought would be a real obstacle for me, but things just seem to happen automatically by the end of the course. To anyone who might be reading this prior to having a go at bikes themself, if I can do it, you're odds on to do it for sure!

    Before I went to Q-Ride I kept reading all these things about slow riding exercises. And I thought, how is riding slowly round a carpark gonna help someone who's gonna be riding out on the road? But of course, that answer was revealed pretty fuggin quickly. If ya' can't ride slow, ya can't ride at all. I enjoyed all of the carpark exercises and found myself really wanting to get better at them. As for the road rides, first one was like "whoa, wtf?! I'm on a bike doing 90. And there's cars and trucks and potholes and shit!" The two other road rides we did were less intense but I was still a bit too much on high alert to really enjoy them to the full extent.

    I have noticed some debate about the merits of Q-Ride. From my experience, I can only give it praise and recommendation. I think I was lucky to have a tutor I felt comfortable with from the start. Having one on one lessons definitely made a difference. I definitely don't wish to imply that after two days of Q-Ride, Hey Presto, I know how to ride a bike inside out. But I feel like I've learnt alot in two days, for me it was the best way to start, and when I eventually get a bike, I'll be heading back for some brushing up, and doing whatever I can to improve and stay sharp. In the meantime the worm crawling through my mind is growing larger by the day...

  2. 100% legit my friend.
  3. I dont have friends
  4. *trying my best to act surprised* :eek:
  5. Bahahaha! nice response.

    Glad you had a positive experience. I did my QRide back in January and recently brushed up on some skills with Stayuprights Advanced I Skills Development Course. It was a pretty cool course and I came out of it feeling like a better rider for it. There are plenty of other companies out there that do them, it's worth a look.