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did a jesus!!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by csgup1, Jun 3, 2007.

  1. hey!

    went upto the spur today arvo and had a jesus moment( it hink thats what they are called)

    went around a corner pretty hard and i though i was doing fine till something scraped(the peg i think) and the back tyre lost traction for a second... and then caught on again . threw me completely off the bike . at one point i was in the air to the left hand side and the only part holding on the the bike was my left hand... somehow managed to half land on the tank, hit my head on it ... pull it back under me and several wobbles later i was riding again.. the FI light went on .. so the bike must have been fairly horizontal at some point.

    thats all i remember. josh was riding behind me and saw it all happen. duno if he's on the forums..

    neways that was my entertainment for today!!
    now to get back again and fix my technique ..

    c ya on the road
  2. Holy crap that sounds awesome and farkin scary at the same time. glad you made it ok, wish we had pics :wink:
  3. sounds like a pretty dam lucky escape...

    careful out there
  4. Aparently bikes ride much better when you stay on them.. :LOL:

    Glad to hear you are ok and unscathed from hte incident.

    I was up there today also but had an incident free day thankfully.
  5. How did the "tackle" come out of this little adventure?
  6. Not a racetrack. Glad to hear you're ok.
  7. :worthlesspics:
    Sounds like a heart-stopper :LOL:, but you lived to tell the tale.
  8. When I saw the title I thought he got crucified and rose from the dead.

    Or at least turned water into wine.

    My bad.
  9. times i wish i could do that ... no wonder jesus was popular..Free booze for all!!!! yay!!

    but yea i wish i had pics . would have loved to see what happened myself. josh was riding right up my arse so he saw the whole thing unfold. wonder if he can draw us pictures. :-k
  10. Sounds like a video would have been pretty cool/scary

    Glad to hear you are okay though
  11. Try to hook up with Josh to diagnose it, Raj. THAT kind of info can be invaluable!.
    Nice to see you getting it down far enough to scrape them pegs... :LOL: ...but...don't over-extend mate...it's easy to do that when riding in close quarters with other bikes...phew! :grin:

  12. i had a chat with josh abt it . he said it looked like the back tyre lost traction(due to the peg scraping i believe) for a split second and then griped again causing me to highside it. well almost :shock: . maybe i should have been hanging off a bit more. i dont use the brakes before i get into the corner, but i was still going abt 8-9/10 of my limits. josh said the best idea would be to back it off a little bit. sounds like good advice to me for now ..
    the california supebike school or a trackday is looking like a pretty good option as well.

    but yea according to bom next weekend looks fine . might head up for a bit more practise.

  13. considering I was up there on the Bus fanging about - bloody glad you didn't come off & stack in to another bike.

    Stay with in your limits up there guys ;) :shock:
  14. id pay good money to see that on film
  15. I thought this was going to involve water somehow........

    Good work on staying on the bike!
  16. Sounds like a great save !
    Come on the n00b ride to the spur that the_brick is organising this sunday there will be no pressure to ride fast, infact peer pressure might dictate that slow=cool :D
  17. hey

    thanks for the invite danielle. might come up . or maybe just see you guys on the spur . should be a good day .
    c ya there people