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Did a bit of a dance on the bike tonight...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by I Adore Vic, Nov 29, 2006.

  1. I was riding along tonight and then for whatever reason glanced at the odometer and noticed it was on 4999.... :LOL: So for the next kilometre I tried hard to keep my eyes on the road and as soon as the numbers rolled around to the big 5000 I was bopping around in joy. :) I've done 5000 kms in the 6 weeks I've had my learners.

    Quite a few of those km's were done the Bass/Sth Gippy Hwy... all good for a beginner. :) Of course, I haven't limited myself to this road though...have ridden in the city, the burbs, the hills, the twisties, gravel :LOL: (I still laugh when I think of that road - want to do it again!). etc etc.

    I intend to do some more challenging roads and ride in some more challenging conditions in the next 6 weeks.

    5000kms! :grin:

  2. Damn that is a great effort Congrats on your milestone!
  3. LOL, cool Rosie, long way from 63Kms on the clock first time i met you. Ride safe Baby.
  4. That's some serious riding!! Way to go Rosie. :)
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    \:D/ :dance: :woot:

    Awesome effort Rosie, way to go!
  6. good stuff rosie!

    keep that up and you will out-kilometre me and i am PAID to drive :LOL:
  7. 5000kms in 6 weeks? When did you sleep??? :LOL:
  8. Wow, had to squnit to get my brain to work. That's like over a hundred kms a day! 116...119 something like that, bloody good effort old chap :grin:
  9. Well done Rosie, with the Chrissie break nearly here and your plans to ride to Sydney, it wont be long before the magical 10,000 comes up...
  10. That's impressive!! I've had my bike since July and only done about 7,000kms.

    Well done Rosie, every km is another one to fill that bucket of experience.
  11. Thanks for the congrat's guys. How could I not ride as much though? I can't imagine doing any less. The bikes beautiful (to me anyway!). Riding's bliss - heck, even in the wind and rain! I just love it.

    Lucky no cars were around me otherwise they may have thought I had a bee in my helmet what with the way I was bopping about.

    Woodsy said:
    :LOL: I remember that Woodsy..I was so damn proud too!

    nobby said:
    nobby, I know. Best to get the 10k service done before I leave. :)
  12. far out! thats a huge effort.
    its taken me like over a year to get 10,000km
  13. Geez! It took me 6 months to do 4000kms!
    Good job!
  14. Sheesh, anybody think you were addicted or something. :p
    So are you aiming for a nice even 100,000kms by the end of your first year?
  15. .. And I thought 33,000 in 20 months on my bike was good going....

    So I trust this jaunt of yours to Sydney includes some time to meet a few of us Sydney/Wollongong Netriders, Rosie? If you need somewhere to stay, always welcome here.....
  16. Well done, Rosie.
  17. Wow... Well done Rosie
    I only just manage a thousand k a month...

    Well you aint getting any insurance with Shannons doing milage like that :LOL:
  18. :LOL: nice work Rosie... reminds me that I was averaging 1,000km's a week before breaking my wrist :grin:

    now if I do more than a few hundy km's in a day I'm in pain :mad:

    Congrat's on the milestone, hope you have many more to come :wink: :grin: :cool:
  19. Way to go Rosie!

    Once the bike's had it's 1st service I'll be wanting to ride some more. Fancy some trips around Gippy or the Valley?

    That's serious K's and serious learning going on :)