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Diavel with 40000km...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Simonr23, Apr 30, 2016.

  1. hi,

    I've had to re-register as I've been away from bikes for a few years and my login doesn't work now.

    I'm looking at the above bike. It looks in good nick, although there is a bit of oil grime under the oil filter area, doesn't seem like a lot. but it's done 40000km. Has just had its major service done by the dealer.

    It's priced cheaper because of this fact.

    Would you buy it as a weekend toy? I'm mechanically handy, although I don't have any specialty tools for heavy work or full tear-down type fixing/valve adjust.

    I've tried googling, but there isn't a lot of info on diavels with more than 20000km.

    Thanks for any advice, the heart is saying do it, it's the wallet that's saying steady-on.
  2. Well....... depends on price, the service history etc, has it had all (and any) recalls done? What year? What consumables need replacing (tyres, brakes, chain & sprockets etc)?

    I love the Diavels, but having limited space, it's one bike at a time for me, and I wasn't sold on the Diavel as an only bike after the one test ride (ended up with a Monster 1200 instead at the time).

    A weekend toy though? Fcuk yes!
  3. I have no idea on recalls. Would they still be honoured, now?
    Servicing is fine. Brake pads are probably only at 30-40% left, the discs have those shallow grooves around them(radial scoring?) in the swept area, but there isn't any noticeable rotor lip/wear. No signs of corrosion anywhere, and apart from the signs of previous wetness near the oil filter, no other signs of leaks. Cosmetically it looks very good. Has full termi system too. It's a late '11 build, '12 rego bike. One owner.

    Edit- this'd be my only bike too, but it'd only get ridden on my weekend and only within my local 50-100km radius(I live near the southern Adelaide hills)
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    Here you go, there were a few for the Gen 1, but a dealer should definitely still honour it if not done, but I imagine it should have been picked up at service time.


    The Diavel's are a thing of beauty, still on my list for sure.

    Have you test ridden it yet? I found the add on Bikesales, it looks supper clean.. Price is right..
  5. I didn't go ahead with it. Went for. S1000r instead. A few too many iffy (lacking) details/info for my liking.
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  6. You made the right decision. S1KR is a better bike in every aspect except for comfort and sound, but those are way down the list on my priorities ;D