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Diavel in black

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by gogoplata, Dec 17, 2011.

  1. Picked up the Diavel today, only ridden in Urban mode (100hp) but for a quasi cruiser/naked bike it handles surprisingly well. As easy a ride as a Street Triple, doesn't tip in as quickly but everything else about it is as fun. Leaning feels a bit weird, like what many people say with the rear chasing the front? Not as smooth in the low speeds/rev range, but the termi's will fix that apparently. Stock exhaust is loud as f#$k, while the termi's with baffles out is deafening, but they look pretty cool!

    If you are in the market for a cruiser, I suggest you test ride the Diavel first, even at urban mode it's fun as, can't wait to try sport and touring modes soon :)

    If you are not after straight line speed or slightly more comfy ergo's, I think the Street Triple is just as good. Can't keep both, so my Street Triple R 2010 is still for Sale here!
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    Worthless post without pics
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  3. Quoted for truth =D>
  4. only crappy iPhone pics, was gonna post some better ones when I go for another ride :)

    the rear fender extension is the first thing that will be taken off, looks even worse in person.

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  5. That's so ugly it's art.

    Good on yer Gogo, bring it to Sat prac, I'd love to see it.
  6. lol Doug, it's an acquired taste but loving it so far. Was gonna drop by sat prac until I got lost in the city, see how it goes next week. A gps is next on the list of addons, after the termi exhausts :)
  7. Bloody LOVE these things! Coming from a super sports fan ;)
    How tough is the 240 rear.....*drool*

    Was the Streetfighter ever in the equation? Or too close in style to the stripple?
  8. Nice gogo, how do think you'll go touring?
  9. Awesome. (y) & congrats.
  10. I'm in love!
  11. OMG! You have the two bikes I want most, you little... Very nice!
  12. Great bike!.

    Remember the deal is you have to ride EVERY day!
  13. I love to see it.
  14. Heaps of fun so far, everyone should give it a test ride, the 240mm tyre handles very well for its size.

    "Was the Streetfighter ever in the equation? Or too close in style to the stripple?"

    Streetfighter was what I wanted originally but it was too much for a daily all rounder bike, for me anyhow. The 848 sf would've been too close to the striple. Check out the Tuono V4R, Stu_h from the forums will be picking one up in a few weeks I think, see what he has to say :)

    "Nice gogo, how do think you'll go touring?"

    Range and luggage options might be an issue, along with a windshield. The touring screen they offer looks like the alien queen from the alien movies. Have a look at the Multistrada, too tall for me otherwise it would've been a hard decision as an all rounder bike.
  15. Thanks mate, love the Multistrada but its too tall for me also as a lot of bikes are.
    A Kreiga bag will fit nicely on the back of the Diavel and a few fuel bottles will add to its touring range.
  16. Ventura are also doing luggage for the Diavel now.
  17. V.Nice

    If I were ever to turn to the dark side or cruisers, the Diavel is the ONLY option.
  18. Kriega works too.
  19. It's such a strange bike.

    It's a 50/50 for me - sometimes i look at it and thinks it's beautiful, then the next day i catch an angle and think it's hideous.

    That massive rear tire would surely not exactly be conducive to good handling though.