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Diavel first ride review!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by gogoplata, Jan 29, 2011.

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  2. Kevin Ash's report, which starts off:


    Kind of what I'd hoped/expected, with a power to weight ratio roughly that of a 'Busa.
  3. It's a shame about the looks, if it looked more like that Roland Sands prototype in the other thread this would be incredible.

    That said I'm keen as for a ride! My daily ride is a FZ1N but when I borrowed a Vrod Muscle for a weekend as a bit of a joke I ended up having a ball on it! Bit under powered but as a second bike it would be pretty fun. I reckon this Diavel would be sit somewhere between the Vrod and the FZ1 haha. Be cool too see when the public get their hands on them and start personalising them a bit, ie make them less ugly! It's nice to see Ducati making a bike like this, I have more fun riding their 'out there' bikes on the street (like the hypermotard) than I do when I jump on something like a 1098 which is saying something..... Give the customers choice.... ;)
  4. Intimidating.
  5. still ugly as shit though, and who wants to cringe every time they step off their bike...
  6. The people that don't want to do that are the smart ones that don't buy Ducatis.
    I'm not sure what they were thinking with this one especially, it will look no good sitting out the front of a coffee shop on the weekend ride to get a half soy half skinny chai mocha latte.
  7. I'd have one and not care the least about what anyone else thought.

    It's different, apparently it works, and it goes like stink.
  8. italians can build such beautiful machinery.
    ...just don't understand why it has to be so hideous, it just dose'nt work, asthetics are just so ..... wrong.
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  10. I think it looks ok, no worse than any other cruiser. in person it looks more compact than the pics. maybe i have bad taste since the street triple isn't the most aesthetically pleasing bike. still, its all about the ride, definitely saving up for one.
  11. Game-changers like this (including the Speed/Street Triple) always throw synapses into disarray.

    It's the Willem Dafoe/Norman Osborne of motorcycles.
  12. Why in God's name does it not have a fuel gauge?!? With those two displays Ducati's excuse, 'there was no room' just doesn't cut it because I can see in one glance at least a couple of ways it could've been squeezed in and that's even before you start making anything else smaller.

    I kind of like it though.
  13. Fuel gauges are for cars.
  14. You fill up by feel. Hey, someone had to say it...

    But really, we'll all get used to the look of it eventually, and if the build quality is what they say it is, not too many people will care too much.
  15. Funny, I thought fuel gauges were for people who wanted to know when to fill up. But I guess when you only use your bike as a toy it doesn't matter all that much.
  16. lol

    I like it, although i'd be tempted to do something with the headlight...
  17. Most people live close enough to cafes to not need to fill up on their ride to get lattes.
  18. Trip meter and low fuel light have been very reliable for me over the years.

    Gauge is a nice extra if it's accurate, which isn't always the case.

    I sure as hell don't care if I don't have one. Out of seven bikes, only one of mine had one, but then it had a volt meter as well.

    No oil pressure gauge though.

    I'd rather a bigger fuel capacity than a gauge, if we're wishing.

    I can sort of see how with the layout on the Diavel, that it could add clutter, unless you want to scroll through different displays.

    More reviews starting to appear online continue with the theme of doing the ride and at the end, still not wanting to stop riding the thing.

    To me, that's a motorcycle.

    I wonder if it has a centrestand.
  19. On this I agree. It's probably not for me but I'll enjoy seeing (and hearing) them.

    Ash again:
    "...this is the most exciting and rewarding motorcycle you can buy."
  20. Sure you can live without one - like you say, it's just a nice extra. The thing is, on a bike that's going to cost probably close to 30k in Oz... damn right I expect a few nice extras.