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Diary of an Addict

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by FALCON-LORD, May 13, 2008.

  1. Day 1
    Whish I had my bike… Bike shop will have barely looked at it
    Day 2
    Whish I had my bike… bike shop Closed can’t find out how it is going
    Day 3
    It is confirmed that the Break disks are rooted and need machining and that Front tyre is also shagged… No ETA
    Day 4
    Two days of public transport and I am going nuts. The weather out there is glorious still no ETA. Whish I had my bike…

  2. don't worry it's meant to rain for the rest of the week :wink: :LOL:
  3. Public transport
    "mass transit, one small step away from Communism"

    i'm suffering with you, Falcs.
    the little Prilla's still in the shop too
    good thing is, i'm replacing chain and sprockets, so when it comes back it'll be a little bit quicker off the line. there may even be wheelies involved
  4. Ok, Okay...how come YOU did'nt know your front tyre was shagged FL?...Or did they just confirm what you already knew, mate.

    (Remember - front tyre is life) :)

  5. Would it be rude of me to suggest some light reading for your bus/train trips?


  6. aV2oxYR9.

    Sorry mate, THAT was uncalled for :p

  7. Why didn't you get a loan bike? I never leave mine anywhere that won't give me one......
  8. Takes this
  9. You could borrow one of PP,s bikes. He claims to have 4
  10. ?????

    Loan bikes are normally free....aren't they?
  11. I know i've never paid for one
  12. MV you are a bad bad man! :evil:
    Wasn't it 5?
  13. No. In another thread he claims to have 4 bikes. Some folks here say that he has 5 Penii. That is probably where you became confused.
  14. Actually it takes trusting your life on a loan bike…
    If the loan cars I have had from mechanics are anything to go by a Loan bike is something I am a little wary of…

  15. $183.65?
  16. You can trust PP,s bikes. They are conspiracy free.
  17. And ASIO will always be able to find them if stolen..
    (The tracking device under the seat....)
  18. The C.I.A and Mossad know where they are right now, stolen or not!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Yeah fair enough, i've always got mine from dealerships, which have always been near new bikes.

    That said I would rather risk my life than catch public transport.
  20. I s'pose you could borrow mine provided you learn to spell FL :p