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Diaries Guidelines

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by voyager, Mar 10, 2006.

  1. Motorcycle Diaries
    Forum Guidelines

    Welcome to the newest section of Netrider - the Motorcycle Diaries. Here is your chance to write a journal about any part of your motorcycling that you wish. Budding journalists, racers, tourers, custom bike builders & enthusiasts of any aspect of bikes and riding - this is for you!

    Perhaps you're about to undertake your first overseas trip with your bike - here's your chance to give us a complete account, including all the planning concerns, logistics, awesome roads, humour and tragedy that you faced every step of the way.

    Maybe you're new to motorcycling, just got your learners and are taking those first steps. Want to share the experience? Tell us about it.

    Or you may be about to build your dream bike from a FXDX chassis. Please, we'd love to be with you as each weld and seam is made.

    These are the guidelines for using this corner of Netrider. Please read them carefully before you begin your Diary or reply to someone else's.

    1. Only Netrider members (who are displaying the Netrider member logo in their profile) can create a Diary. All others will be promptly locked and/or removed. The ability to write a Motorcycle Diary is a priviledge of Netrider members only. Non-Netrider members may still respond to Diary entries though.

    2. Please Title your Diary appropriately, ie: "Touring WA's South West" as opposed to "Stu's Stuff". Let people know up front what its all about.

    3. The whole point of a Diary is that you update it regularly. 3 monthly is not regularly. Weekly is regularly. Any Diaries not updated by the original author in 4 weeks or more will be locked so that the regularly updated ones can be located easily.

    4. The Diary author may request the locking of the Diary when its completed, or if they don't want to maintain it any longer. All you need do is let one of the Mods know.

    5. You may have more than one active Diary as long as they are both exclusive (ie: not the same crap twice) and they are both updated regularly. For example, Fred could run a diary on his racing team, and one on his new-found love of touring, so long as he is updating them both regularly. If you're planning to write more than one, think very carefully about it - they involve a lot more work than you may think.

    6. Diaries must be focused on a motorcycling topic - if you want a place to write anything and everything, go get a blog somewhere. So you could have a Diary of your 3 month ride over the Himalayas, and/or about your new project of rebuilding a 900 Ducati, not both together in the same journal. Combining them makes it very hard to read coherantly. Diaries that are NOT focused on a topic will be locked. Please note - this doesn't mean you can't put in side-stories and the like, just keep the main focus on the intended topic.

    7. Inline images are available to you on this Forum only - please let common sense to prevail for their use. The server will automatically resize the inline images to 225x180px - if they're larger than this, they will be clickable for the full-size image. Try to keep the file sizes down below 50kb though. Anything non-PG13 will be immediately removed and warnings issued. Don't say we didn't warn you.

    8. All content posted to your Diary must be your own work, or have its source quoted where appropriate. Pictures, if any, must be legitimate for the use. Any issues with copyrighted or plagerized content should be reported to the Mods for the appropriate action. Copyright of all content is retained by the author at all times, however Netrider reserves the right to use any part of it for advertising purposes.

    With that all out the way (and its really just common sense stuff), please enjoy this new section of Netrider. It should make for some fantastic reading.
  2. Just to clarify, you have to be paid member of the forum yes? (Sorry, I am a little slow on the uptake.)
  3. That's a serious thread resurrection!!!!!!!
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  4. yeah but I am keen to do a diary/blog. I need to play by the rules man aye! :whistle:
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  5. Since the above was written there have been a few changes to the software and a loosening up of where standard members can post. I think you will be OK to post in the touring section.

    You have a limited edit window though if you make a mistake so it may be best to write what you want to say, sort out what pics you are going to use etc offline and then cut and paste it into a new thread.
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  6. Sweet, thanks for that, thats not a bad idea
  7. Just click Blogs in the main navigation at the top of the page and start your own ....
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