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dianese back protector

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Atlas, Jan 16, 2007.

  1. Any good in which particular aspect?

    I have this one from Dianese:
    and find it excellent... i don't even notice i'm wearing it, easy to put on, take off, doesn't restrict me riding at all and i'd like to think it'll work well in a crash but i'm not going to test it out anytime soon hopefully!
  2. Can't comment on that exact one, but I have this one inserted into my dainese jacket and I don't even notice it anymore:


    I guess when everything's said and done I haven't slid down the road on my back to know how any back protector works, but hey, I can at least vouch for the comfort of mine and I don't imagine they'd all really be that much different.

    Admittedly, I tried on one with like, a honeycomb inside (also dainese I believe) and it was too long for my back so that's why I chose mine. If you get the chance, I would recommend trying one on before you buy from wherever you buy from so you know it "fits".
  3. hi atlas, i got the back protector you posted up there.

    I pretty much wear it all the time and think its great....i do feel more protected.

    Straps around the belly can be alittle warm but it gives support and is comfortable.
  4. KevS did you buy the T-pro locally or have it shipped from OS?
  5. thanks for the reply guys.
  6. Got it direct from overseas, they were really good and shipped it here express they even did us a special price to make the shipping cheaper, they are in final negotiations with a distributor here but at this stage you can only get them from overseas, if you want the contact details for the lady I was dealing with just P.M. me and I will let you know, I have actually got three of them shipped here so far so she has been looking after me.
  7. What did they end up costing you landed in OZ?
    Also how long did it take for them to arrive?

    Can you send me the details of your contact. :)
  8. KevS. how much did it cost u in the end?
  9. As far as I know they dont yet have an Aussie distributor, they were in final negotiations with one but untill that gets sorted you cant unless someone who has purchased their gear will show you or else the best you will get is the web site
  10. the prices vary depending on the size you require, I cant remember exactly how much I paid I would need to look it up but I can tell you the delivery was really quick i think it was less than 7 days
  11. That looks remarkably the same as the Joe rocket speed master one i have got.,...they fit nice
  12. I recon they are them same, I have had a look at a Joe Rocket and they look the same to me
  13. speedmaster is a rebranded tpro. There was a good recent review of tpro gear on webbikeworld.
  14. hey guys. i have one of these dainese back protecters (and kideny belt)
    It cost me $269 but worth EVERY cent. its an AWESOME back protecter and u dont notice u have it on.

  15. These ones look good. Anyone seen/got/tried one?


    Dainese Gilet Wave 2-3 (2 or 3 is the size)
  16. avaran it looks like it would protect you better but would be a lot worse in summer when it gets really hot