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dial-up accellerators

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ibast, Oct 11, 2006.

  1. I know there are a few IT people in here, so I thought I might ask.

    Are the dail-up accelerator programs, offered by the ISPs snake oil, or are they genuine?

    A bloke I used to work with did a masters thesis on getting more information down a phone line, by just sequencing etc, but I assumed this sort of thing was already done by the ISPs.

    any thoughts?
  2. I think it's just the ISP using a large cache
  3. They claim something like 19 times as fast, which I don't believe.

    But, iIf it was only 50% faster I would be interested in it. Do you think I'd get this?

    For the amount of browsing I do at home I cant just justify broad band and the steam driven computer wouldn't see the full benefits anyway.
  4. for $20 a month you can get broadband.

    If you only want to pay $5 a month for dialup then there isn't a great deal available.
  5. Yeah, I was just looking at it in a bit more detail.
    $9 for my plan.
    $1.90 for the software

    Then, what I didn't realise, is they charge per Mbyte up to $9.

    so thats $20, if I use it, and I'm in broadband territory.

    Though decent download broadband is $30 and I still need to pay for extra hardware. So I havn't totally ruled it out yet.
  6. Most if not all ph companies have bundle packages & throw the hardware in. Check with who ever your with for your landline.
  7. If you can only get dialup (aka you live in the 81% of the country that doesn't) then they are an option.

    They (well the one Im familiar with anyway) use a combination of compression techniques. You install software at your end and they have software at thiers and one encodes, the other decodes.
    It does everything from reducing the resolution of images that are passed though to compressing the text files. (well thats about all they do)

    Is it snake oil ?? NO it isn't.
    Is there better options ?? YES if they are available.
    Will it increase my ping for online gaming ?? NO its really on intended for browsing websites and recieving emails.

    Of course there are a billion and one factors that effect dial up speed. The best solution to them is ADSL or cable :grin:

    Hope this helps
  8. ADSL / Cable... aren't they the same thing? :?

    I heard there's a new type of internet connection being trialled which will make cable seem slow... it's internet fed down the 240V power lines via modulation or some such... any IT techies with some extra info?
  9. As far as I know the "internet through power lines" is only a trial concept in this country, but yes, it will make current connection speeds seem extremely slow.

    ie ADSL 1 has a top speed of 8kb/s where ITPL (my name, not theirs) is from 10MB/s upwards, considerably faster.

    ADSL is through you phone line and Cable is through you optus or foxtel connection.

    Cable connections are really only speed limited by available bandwidth in your area, so if no-one else in you street is using it, you will get incredible speed, but if everyone is using it, it will be just reasonably quick.

    The maximum speed for ADSL is dependand on you location and hardware (including phone line and quality) and will be a reasonably constant speed at either 256kb/s, 512kb/s or 1500kb/s. (These numbers were decided upon by a large partly government owned phone company that will remain nameless.)

    Of course there our other companies that have their own network hardware that offer slightly better speeds, and there is ADSL2 and ADSL2+ which are slightly different technology that offer faster speeds again.

    There are also a host of other "broadband" (a marketing word that has no technical value) solutions, including ISDN and satalite. All of which are awsome or suck completely depending what you use them for.

    IMHO an ADSL2+ connection is the best alround solution available at the moment - if it is available in your area.
  10. Get broadband. Faster porno.
  11. Thanks for that Mark. :) ... :-k

    Geez Loz... I heard you were quick... but I thought they meant on two wheels! :p