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Diablo tyres

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Sir Skuffy, Jun 20, 2005.

  1. Hey all,

    People are saying the Pirelli Diablo's are a good tyre.... I am looking at a Corsa for the front, and a sport tourer for the rear... GSX1400

    Who has the cheapest and are they any good? I loike to ride the bike hard and need to be sure that the front end does not slide or wash out....
  2. What have u got on their at the moment Mitch, I have had good reports on the Michelin Pilot Powers from lots of different people on different styles of bikes. With the Pirelli's I have heard good and bad, the guys on the faster rigs on the last Tourismo were saying very grippy (Diablo Corsa) but very poor wear (some were only getting 2k from a front).
    Up to you really I suppose. I know for my ST2 the next set will be Pilot Powers.
  3. i went to bob jane's near the roundabout on elizabeth, pilots and corsas were the same price (netrider discount as well). Cheaper than pablos, but still worth calling around. i was goign for the corsas but they couldn't get any in stock on the day. have also heard similar stories of the diablos wearing fast. i have pilots, seem great, never a moment except when i do something stupid on cold tyres, but that has only been spinning the rear up. i'd get them again for sure.
  4. As a track day junky i can only recommend the diablo's. excellent traction in all conditions.. Mick at PBW give's 'em to me cheap, but then he is a mate of mine as well as my mechanic/ parts supplier ;)
  5. Have the michelins but they are already cactus after about 6k.... not bad really.

    They are grippy and I am VERy happy with them... But, looking for something different. The Shinko's 003 models look pretty interesting
  6. I have the GSX1400 pretty sorted.... need to change the fork and shock oil and maybe tune them a little more, but apart from that, very happy.

    Carving up all the sport bike riders on the big GSX1400 makes me a happy person. What I want now is a tyre that wont let me down. I have been a michellin boy for some time now and have no complaints..... But, theya re quite expensive....... The Shinko 003 series look like slicks.... theya re produced by Yokohama and look the goods... Also, a great price also...

    Hell, I dont know what to try next???? :(
  7. try the shinkos man you wont be sorry

    03 front &

    05 rear

    excellent tyre with lots of grip, and a damn site cheaper than michies

    give mike at ocd a ring, he should be able to sort you out
  8. not sure about the corsa, but I had a rear dragon on the yzf and it tended to be slippery when cold - not perfect for a road bike I guess
  9. Hey Nova,

    Yes, I did read the tyre test.... Unfortunately, I dont put toooo much into these for the following reasons:
    1). When I raced super motard OS, the bikes are much lighter and these figures mean jack pie... no offence intended for the expert riders
    2). Moved from a 100kg super motard to a 220kg GSX1400 and this bike is about 50kg heavier than any of the test bikes. So, ocne again, the tests dont mean jack pie.

    Sorry, it is hard to rely on these things when the bikes they use are all sport bikes and sport bikes bore me.... Ooops, sorry sport bike riders.... :D :D :D :D
  10. Hey Sluglie,

    They look the part, the Shinko's, but why do you think they are good, apart from the excellent price?

    I am used to riding hard and like the feel of the Michies, but dont like the price.... I want to push the bike even harder but dont want to spent $600 on a set of tyres that will last a month.... :)
  11. thats where i got my Pirelli Diablo's from, and there well priced
  12. apart from the price, the compound is superb, hold heat well without getting excessive, this being due to the kevlar FULLY belted radial construction, most tyres are only radial belted across 60 - 70% of the contact surface, shinkos run 100% so are less prone to load deformeties and excesive heat gain, especially on a heavier bike like the 1400

    if you want a proper comparison speak to mike, he runs them on his 1400 and can tell you what they are like (he sells them because he likes them) or try FOLMA or BIKE CHICK

    if price wasnt an issue i would recomend avons, but i love avons
  13. :roll: Why did I bother???? :p

    I have friends who had Diablos on their litre bikes and they said they were chewed to bits in no time, yet I love them on mine. Its hard to get an idea of tyres without just having a go. It depends so much on how a bike delivers its power, how a rider rides and the sort of riding you do. I get really good longevity from mine and much prefer them to the sports/touring tyres I used to run. I reckon they give me great feeling of the road and they hang on. Having said that, you've ridden with me and I'm FAR from aggressive on the road, so you should take that into consideration.

    Be brave, Mitch....go out on a limb and just try them out :p

    ....obviously, my opinion of them doesn't count, either..... :p

    :D :D :D

  14. true, opinions on tyres are like arseholes, everybody has one,
    i was just expressing mine and if it is taken onboard then all is good,
    if not then meh, what do i care
  15. I forgot to mention....I've been going to Pablos ever since I started riding cos they give me great service and are well priced. They're also in Mulgrave/Brandon Park area, so not too far from your work....

    :D :D :D