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Diablo Super Biker

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Biggles, Aug 5, 2011.

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  2. Looks interesting.
  3. Thanks - just downloaded it will give it a breif go on my way home today
  4. I've downloaded it too and added my bike in the settings section as well. Will give it a test run on the ride home.
  5. I rode from picton and got 1031.9 km/h out of my CB400, with a lean angle of 71 degrees
  6. yeah, there are random spikes- a gps/hardware limitation. if you look at the data traces after the run, you can usually find acurate data to find actual top speed and lean angle. especially when you use the full-screen google maps to see where you were at that moment.

    good app though. cheers to the OP.
  7. If it's not Android it's not worth reviewing.

  8. I used it, found it to be very informative and I assume quite accurate.

    It says I reached a top speed of 107 and leant 31'. Seems about right
  9. about 4/5th of the way home on FTG road, I had a top speed of 247.9 with a lean angle of 60.2 degrees, beat that casey :) :)

    That seemed to be the only glitch in the data, everything else was pretty much as expected.
  10. This sounds mad, cheers for the heads up ill give it a go next time im riding.
  11. Yeah I tried it yesterday on a very wet Old Pac:

    192kph at 79 degree lean angle. On a Honda Spada 250...

    Either I'm *much* bigger hero than I thought or it might be buggy...

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