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Diablo Rosso II's for VTR250

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by VforV-twin, May 11, 2013.

  1. Hey guys! ,

    There are heaps of tyre threads out there I know ... and yes some are for the VTR250 BUT...

    I haven't heard anyone talk about/mention Diablo Rosso II's for the VTR250.

    All I see is talk about Pirelli Sport Demons, Dunlop a-10's and Michelin Pilot's ....

    Is there anyone out there that can vouch for the Rosso II's for the VTR250?
  2. Not the VTR, but CBR250R.
    Can only say those tyres transformed the bike to the better.
    If there would be only 1 thing I could change on the stock bike it would be tyres. Rosso 2s.

    I've done about 8000kms from memory. The rear is getting a bit squared but should do a few more thousands.

    They also don't have much tread so won't be as good in rain.
    Also probably not worth for commuting. Sport demons would be better.
    But rossos are great for twisties.
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  3. Are they bias ply or radials? IIRC when I was looking for the vtr the recommendation was to stick with bias as that's what they came with.. Also I seem to remember something about the particular sizes being difficult to find.. Sorry I can't be more specific, my memory is fading..

    fwiw I ended up going for pirelli sports demons and was pretty happy with them.
  4. Sizes are fine .. they are made in 110/70/17 and 140/70/17 purrrrfect for the VTR250. They are a dual compound radial ... but seriously, Honda would have made a deal with Bridgestone to stick with the cross-ply's for money money ... I can't see how a radial will effect the suspension epspecially since the Rosso's will give way more grip and it's only a 250... not a heavy bike that requires epic suspension.

    As for wet riding ... not an issue. I ride when it's sunny and awesome... don't get me wrong though. I still ride to work and then it rains and I gotta go home .. but I'm more carefull :) ... I just want a tyre that when my mates ring me up and say 'Twisties this Sunday? its sunny and gonna be awesome!' and I can confidently say 'I concur' :)

    Cheers for all your help
  5. I think there's a bit more to it than that - ie. Frame/swingarm/suspension setups allegedly vary between bikes with radial and bias tyres, and they say that running radials on a bike that isn't built for them is not necessarily a great idea.

    That said, if you do go for the dr2's i'd be interested to hear how you get on. :) I was looking into doing something similar myself on the vtr, but got talked out of it at the last minute.
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  6. A mate of mine who has been riding for 20+ years reckons it's all bullshit that radial tyres will make the bikes suspension/setup etc different. He said Bias ply tyres are 50s technology and radials are obviously the latest and will perform better bar none. Aparently if you set the radials up with the correct psi for front and rear they are perfectly fine to fit on the vtr. He used to own one too and ran radials on it no probs.

    Confused now lol ... some people say dont change type, others say it's fine. Stuck between buying the Pirelli Sport Demons (bias) and DRII's (radial) now ! :(
  7. i put Pilot Powers on our VTR... well... Brucey pup PP's on our VTR.... they're doing really well... can only compar them to the old rubbish BT45's that were on there (which were fitted by Moses Arc & Auto back in the day)

    had to go to a 150/65 rear but it fits the VTR perfectly :)
  8. Thanks mate... good to know that they fit and that they are doing well being radials. The more and more I read, I think I'm just gonna get the Diablo Rosso II's and see what they are like!

    Thanks all for the info/advice
  9. Hey VforV-twin,
    Thanks for starting this thread, my vtr250 is in the shop right now getting diablo rosso ii's. Just wondering how you went with yours. Any good/bad feedback?
  10. I've just come off diablo Rosso 2s on my ninja then went to pilot power 3s. I HATED the way the diablos felt in corner. The bike wanted to fall into the corner. Loving the pp3s though.
  11. Hi all,

    An update on my VTR tyre experience: I really enjoyed the diablo rosso II's and had no issues at all for the life of them. They were probably a bit more tyre than what I needed but looked and felt great and I felt really confident in the grip to lean over a bit more.

    As Dima said, not the best tyre for commuting. I have gone to Sport Demon's now but if you don't mind the faster wear rate I would say give the rosso's a go.

    Cheers hope that helps