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Diablo Corsa or Corsa 2

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by snuff3r, May 11, 2012.

  1. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I've got Supercorsa SP's on the 2011 Daytona at the moment (came with it), and they're farking terrible on the road. I've got 4x holes in it at the moment and i'm constantly having to patch them as the cords run down.

    I'm swinging toward the Corsa2's. Anyone have any experience with them? I do mostly commutes with the occasional speed run down some back road.
  2. Corsa 2's are aimed more at sport/touring (I guess equiv to Pilot Roads for example) - Diablo Corsa's more sport/track and the supercorsa's you have at the moment more track biased.

    I have recently put a set of Diablo Corsa's on mine and love them.

    No tyre is going to resist punctures if you run over a nail however ;)
  3. I just went and got the Corsa2, i like the idea of having a track tyre on it but realistically, it gets used as a commuter than a weekend tryhard-machine.

    It's not the punctures that bother me, it's the tearing and splitting that i was getting. They'd eventually open up into larger holes and let all the air out. I swear, that tyre was 40% rubber and 60% puncture cords.

    Thanks Northy.
  4. pressures correct?
  5. That's what's usually call a BLOWOUT! :shock:
  6. Yeah, i'm usually pretty anal with pressure, check it at least once a week. Mainly because i was used to not having air in it. Don't know about track quality, never done track, but stay the fark away from Supercorsa SPs for road/commute purposes.
  7. I got P3 on the back, had P2 [michelin] on front till about a month or so ago, someone donated another michelin think its an MT or HT to be honest, not too sure but that was on a bike that had been on the track and its a 'fast' switching tyre [for my liking anyway] but it is a grippy front tyre!
    from what I have heard of the p3's I'll be putting them on front when the current one runs out.
  8. I have Pirelli Diablo Rosso II's on my Daytona. No complaints in the 6 months they've been on the bike - piles of grip for weekend fun in the twisties, long wearing and cheaper than the Supercorsa's. My previous set were Diablo Corsa III's that wore down while you watched 'em and the front ended up squaring off from daily commuting.
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    I've still got the SPs on the front. Looking at them today though, I see I've worn the right side down to the indicators. Left side is fine. Wonder what that says about my riding.

    Sigh, this hobby is getting exxy.

  10. That wear your talking about is just from riding in the left lane, be different if you were riding in america, the wear would be on the left side of your tyre from riding in the right lane.....prob telling you something you already know lol.
    Goddie, the Pilot Road Three is perfect for your bike and your riding style.....great choice :)
  11. On my second set of Rosso II's and they're a great tyre for pushing hard in the twisties yet are good for commuting too. They're not good in the wet but then the Corsa's are even worse.
  12. toadcat, I haven't noticed any problems with the Rosso's in the wet.
  13. Ditto
  14. They're not as good as my older Metzeler Z6's in the wet, but they're a sport touring tyre
    I think it's more that riders coming from a different type of tyre may find wet grip not what it was before.