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DI-NOC Vinyl ?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by blur1, Feb 11, 2013.

  1. I have some di-noc vinyl (carbon look).
    My question is: Has anyone else out there used it before on any surface that wasn't just a simple flat area?

    The reason i ask is , I am wanting to cover an undertail i have here.

    If anyone 'has' used it before and has any do's/dont's ,i'd appreciate the tips.
    EG; Can you use water spray like applying stickers?

    Also if anyone is in Melbourne N.E suburbs (diamond valley area) and would at some stage like to give me a hand at doing it, i'd also appreciate it.
    The one thing i did learn from practising on a cheap solo seat cowl is that you need more than one pair of hands.

  2. I used 3M 1080 cf wrap on the belly pan of my last bike. After much homework came to the conclusion that the newer 1080 is better than Di-noc for UV exposure. I local sign writer who does some wrapping I spoke to, told be that the 1080 was easier to apply as well. The 1080 has micro pores to allow air to bleed out of the film.

    I've never used anything else to compare it to, but it worked for me. Was about $80 for 1m X 1.8.
  3. The stuff i have and want to use is made by 3M.
    I also have 2 other brands that i bought at the same time so i could compare the finish/colour side by side.

    I prefer the 3M, and will be using that once i get a hand to help put it on.

    I have watched a few youtube vid's on wrapping, but still haven't seen anyone use a water spray technique?

    Anyone ever tried it?
  4. YouTube is great. Spent a few hours looking at application videos. It'll answer most of your questions.

    Don't think you'll need a spray bottle though.
  5. IMG_0106 comp. I tried some cheap stuff that i got from China, and it took a bit of wrestling but i was able to to the side covers on my GSX750 and they turned out OK. I tried to do the tank but it was a misery and turned out RS.
    I'm thinking that the higher quality films especially the one that has the pores in it would be easier. Also large odd shaped areas like tanks seem to be more successful with 3 pieces, one for each side and one for the top.
    Be patient, have a heat gun to stretch it and make sure you have extra, you'll do better the second time!