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Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by _joel_, Mar 24, 2008.

  1. Good afternoon Netrider folk.
    I am not much of a TV man myself, except for motorsport and football.
    however, i have found myself ridiculously addicted to the series called Dexter on Showcase (austar/foxtel/optus/paytv).
    i have spent the entire day watching the first series (again), as there was a series one marathon on, and i just cant help myself.
    my family think* i have gone nuts, but i love this show.
    Michael C Hall certainly plays a better serial killer killer, than he does a homosexual funeral director. And i think the last fiction-type show i really watched with any kind of fanaticism was 6 feet under.
    anyone else find this show as entertaining and addictive as i do?

    *of course, already being certified as "nuts", they just believe i have fallen further and deeper in to nuttiness

  2. Yes. Yes I do.

    That is all.

  3. My Wife and I watched this Show from When it started on Showcase and Love it
    Bought series 1 on DVD
    Preordered Series 2 from Amazon
    Series 3 will not be shown in the USA until Sept/Oct due to the writers strike.

    Little bit of Gossip my Wife found, Michael C Hall (Dexter Morgan) and Jennifer Carpenter (Dexter's sister Deb Morgan) are a couple in real life
  4. haha i just started watching this yesterday. good so far but honestly serial killers get boring after awhile.
  5. It's one of the few shows I actually bother watching. The quality of the episodes varies a bit but what doesn't.

    At it's peak it's excellent.
  6. Yeah is great series, and probably the only series where the second season is better than the first.

    Lolz, come on es, everyone loves a serial killer ;-)
  7. i have this one my computer, I am half-way through series 1 so am quite enjoying it =D
  8. Same here .. just finished ep 6 .. am also enjoying it .. might be time to fire up ep7 in about a beers time :grin:
  9. \o/
    I'm not alone!
  10. True, else how did you ever get a gf?

  11. It definatley alot easier watching him getting it on with hot blonde female as opposed to him snogging a big black fella !!
  12. devoted fan
    kept missing it due to work, but kept hearing great things about it. watched 5mins of an episode, decided it was awesome and had to see it from episode one.

    and after first reading the jeff lindsay book, now halfway through the second disc.

    he's like patrick bateman's good twin
    i've noticed the best movies and shows always have plenty of narrative
  13. What? Dexter's a serial killer now? Man, he's fallen since his perfect match days...

  14. Mid way though watching series 2, anyone else finding the eztv torrents are getting slow???
  15. Dexter is good, but it has to be watched all at once (or as close to as you can manage).
    I've found that with a lot of good shows recently, if you have to wait for them to come out once a week you lose the threads of the plot and can't enjoy it.
    Weeds is another prime example.

    By contrast, shows that are extremely episodic such as House can go weeks between eps without loss of flow.
  16. loved it
    watched an episode out of curisoty on good friday
    saw both seasons by the following monday.
    Best show on in ages
    last few episodes of season 2 is bloody awsome
    so good id be content with no season 3
  17. I must agree! I watched one episode, then ended up watching both series in the next 4 days. It was a great show, I did enjoy the first series more overall but the final few episodes of the second were great.
  18. Probably because it's been quite a while since Dexter aired in the States and torrents definitely come with an expiry date - once interest wanes, so do they. I downloaded and watched it as it went on air over there, so I had no problems. And yeah, great show!
  19. Ok, I may be a little slow ( resurrecting a thread over 12 mths old ), but My Son bought me season I & II for Fathers Day last weekend.
    Quote " I know how much you loved watching 24 Dad, I figured this will be right up your alley also". After watching the first 5-6 episodes, my thoughts are ..
    its kinda morbid, bloodthirsty, evil, but also has a kind of 'sweet justice' ring to it. Worst of all .. I LOVE IT !!!!

    I'd never thought I'd say this Joel .. but me thinks I'm almost as warped as You :p
  20. anyone got season 4 yet??? :grin: